Worst Thing That Could Happen On TheTopTens

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1 Justin Bieber Buys TheTopTens

OH MY GOD. Please stop obsessing over him. Every single list. Justin Bieber this. Justin Bieber that. Because of people like you he gets paid probably one million like every week.

Um, believe me, I agree with you, but I've actually seen nothing but Bieber hate on this website. I've never once seen anyone say anything positive about him here. - torinn818

I agreed with you right there, little princess Bieber gets what he deserves.

Oh God! Please don't let this happen...
Hahaa, like it would then he's Wanted

Leave her alone she needs a space

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2 Hackers

Someone hacked my list and drop the most hated singer Justin Bieber down to number 29 and he was supposed to be number 1. I bet that it was a Bieber fan who hacked my list and if I find her, I'll bury her sorry ass.

They tried to switch my items around that I just made on one of my lists. People are suppose to vote, not screwing other people's lists.

3 Items Taken Away

I hate it when that happens!


I got my item taken away every damn time when I do a new comment.

4 Too Many Homepage Changes
5 Scribble Scrabbles On The Add List
6 People Stealing Other People's Lists
7 Can't Post a Comment Due to Website Problems

Happening to me right now.

8 Shuts Down

YES! This is seriously the worst website that I've ever visited myself. It should be, not shut down, banned from existence.

At least trolling stops forever.

No! Why would this happen?!?! - PositronWildhawk

9 Becomes a Domain Parking Page

That would suck.

God, don't let this happen...

It might happen in 20XX.

10 Can't Vote Due to Problems

The Contenders

11 A Justin Bieber Voting Page

It's terrible when you see such bad musical stars have their own page on TheTopTens

12 Can't Add New Item In a Top Ten List

Already hapenned to me

This is happening on July 12 2016
Please fix This top tens

13 Can't Access List

I hate it when I click on a list and it takes me straight to the homepage, this happens a lot, is there a glitch on the list?

14 Becomes a Porn Site

How would a site like this become a porn site? - CommentandList

LOL This better happen and it should happen to YouTube too!

HA! Laugh out loud - Superguy5674

15 List Not Accepted
16 Remix Appearing Under Another User's Name
17 Actually Using TheTopTens Site
18 Item Not Accepted
19 Gets Taken Over By Teachers

But if their formal teachers okay.

20 Gets sold to Apple

Just imagine the chaos.

21 Goes Down

This website sometimes has down status and won't let me in. I blame on the technicians.

22 Cyberbullying

Minion Haters In A Nutshell

23 Not Seeing Your Username On the "Best Users of the TheTopTens"
24 Gets Hacked By Rebecca Black
25 Justin Bieber sees how much people hate him and cries and whines and makes a big deal of it
26 Fanboys Go Insane
27 Video Ads

Small, squared video ads on the list are annoying and I hate listen to them talk. If they keep on putting video ads, my computer will get a blue screen of death and I really don't want that to happen.

They already have these

28 Directioners turn it in to a One Directon fan club website
29 There Is an Ad With Justin Bieber Singing
30 Becomes corrupted
31 Hitler comes back to life and buys it
32 Starts to infect computers
33 The item you added never gets votes
34 ISIS Hijacks the Servers
35 It Becomes a Fetish Site
36 A Dog Takes Over
37 Comment Disliked

Really? Just Remove it.

38 PornHub Buys TheTopTens
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