Top 10 Worst Things That Could Happen On Your Birthday

From being make fun of in your birthday to getting a Justin Bieber doll for present

We are counting down with our pick of Top Ten Worst Thing That Could Happen on Your Birthday

The Top Ten

1 A meteor hits on your birthday party place
2 Get a Justin Bieber doll for presents
3 Get made fun of by a bully
4 Get crappy presents
5 A maniac crashes your birthday
6 One of your friends crashes your birthday
7 Justin Bieber comes to your birthday party and performs a song
8 Your crush gets a boy/girlfriend

So true. Nightmare fuel. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

9 Annoying Orange annoys you
10 You die and go to hell

The Contenders

11 You get buried alive for your present
12 You get arrested because it's your birthday

This is priceless! - Britgirl

13 You get no presents

This is actually a very common occurrence on my birthdays :(

14 Everyone goes out and does something fun without you

This is the worst! It's YOUR birthday so it should be all about you! - SmashPrincess

15 You choke on your cake
16 You get grounded and get no presents
17 You get a great gaming laptop, but someone accidentally breaks it

That must of sucked - XxMontrealxXRBLX

18 You get a ripoff of something you wanted
19 You asked for violent video games, but ended up getting learning games instead
20 Your friends play with all your new gifts before you, and they subsequently break them.
21 Someone close to you dies
22 Having detention at school
23 Having school homework
24 Listening to songs you hate on the radio
25 You got your test back and got an F
26 Getting yelled at
27 Having a tornado during your birthday
28 Having a thunderstorm during your birthday
29 Being sick
30 Being forced to eat something you don't like
31 Someone you like dies
32 Break a Bone
33 Get a video game system and accidentally drop it and break it
34 Your crush Rejects you
35 You Get a Dora or Caillou DVD as a Present
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