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181 A Person Possessed
182 Diseases
183 Cow Poop
184 Sundays
185 YouTube drama causes people to lose all their revenue YouTube drama causes people to lose all their revenue
186 Discouragement
187 Technology

Without technology. how would I type this comment?

188 Democrats

There not bad republicans are bad though - BrickBoss

189 People Without Having Any Taste In Music But They Say Bad Things About a Great Band

I have about a dozen friends who listen to these really bad bands/singers, and they just adore them. They don't know anything about real music, the music which was in like 1960-1990s and if that's not enough they hate the "old" music...

190 Disney Channel

Yeah. This needs to be in the top 20 - JBDBIB_Baerman

191 Poop V 1 Comment
192 Facebook
193 Top 10 Worst Animals List V 1 Comment
194 Temptation
195 The Internet

Why? - GriffinDoge

The Internet has ruined certain things. Once you see it you can never unseen it. I know it's good for teaching but you can learn some things you wish you never had. I can never enjoy waffles or taking a,girl on a date to eat ice cream. It would definitely have to be in a cone not a cup. You type something that sounds harmless and see something scary. I used to enjoy blue also but now I just remember what I saw when I typed in blue something Definitely something I would have never saw if the Internet had been around. - Nate52

196 Dubstep
197 Child Molesters
198 One Dollar Games
199 Weather
200 Nature
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