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81 People Who Are Cruel to Animals People Who Are Cruel to Animals

Hate, hate, cowards who are cruel to animals...most grow up to be serial killers if the aren't already...

No - Orlemley

This is so much lower than Justin Bieber? For real? What did Justin Bieber do to get THIS much hate? O.o - HaydenFullwright

82 Hard-to-Get Bitchy Girls

I don't think people will notice this but there are some girls who are so bitchy because they think they are the prettiest girls around, but actually not at all. Have themselves humiliated in the streets for being naked. And also, don't trick us, use us, flirt us, have sex with us then do the thing with other guys - ronluna

This title makes no sense, why would any sane person want to "get" a bitchy girl/boy - GGGofluckyourself

83 The SpongeBob Episode One Coarse Meal


84 Terrorists Terrorists

Again, how is this so much lower than Justin Bieber? - HaydenFullwright

85 Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. used to be AWESOME and NOSTALGIC back in the old days. - BlueBobYT

This Channel is Supposed to Be For Little Kids Only. - kcianciulli

86 Potato Knishes
87 Spiders

Spiders are just a part of nature.

There is nothing scary about spiders. They are living, thriving, beautiful creatures just like humans. Spiders are probably just as hairy, disgusting, and gross as the majority of people on earth. Can't we just stop killing spiders? They're living things too and we should respect that!

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! Spiders are the real MVP

Spiders are just part of nature and they play there part. - Rambles

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88 Ignorance
89 Common Colds

Damn... Colds are definitely the worst sickness EVER!

I have a cold right now. - TheRedstoneWiz

I LOVE COLDS! You can cuddle in bed without puking!


90 Stomach Flu
91 SpongeBob Season 5

Controversial opinion: I think season 4 and 5 of SpongeBob SquarePants are underrated. - Cesium

92 Mormons Try to Convert You
93 Accidents
94 1000 Ways to Die

Funny show but makes me paranoid the more I watch it

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95 Divorce

It just plain sucks

96 Anxiety
97 Marvel Marvel Marvel Comics is the common name and primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc., formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc.
98 The Bible

I'll get thumbs down for this, but I hate Religion. And on the topic of the Bible, I am sick and tired of people telling me that I need Jesus, I'm going to hell, and people knocking on my front door about it. Pushy Christians are the reason why Christianity has a bad rep. Think about that next time you try to persuade somebody to join your religion - ryanrimmel

I'm a Christian and I completely agree! Missionaries are the most useless part of my religion I've seen in a while! I never understood why we can't leave others alone. If you want to believe another religion, go ahead. I can't understand why some pushy Christians are constantly running around screaming Satan when somebody is an Atheist or Islamic. - NoEntranceHere

First of all the bible teaches you the way of life if I have a problem the bible tells me how to handle it and what to do.

The hate and discrimination that is inside this horrible book is disgusting.

Makes me sad, but not all people believe in something that can't be seen.. - Transformers234

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99 Prejudice
100 Modern Pop Singers
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