We all hate school, the thought of tests and exams always terrifies me. Also always homework, why on Earth do we have that, when we practically sit there being bored, getting tortured only to be when your Maths teacher says "Alright class, today's homework is COMPLETE EVERY QUESTION IN THE BOOK, otherwise I will call your parents and you will probably be spanked in the bum. End of day you barely can do your homework, don't do the homework and worry all night to be next day slaughtered by your teacher. Your life should be enjoyable and you should live to it fullest, dream big, achieve big, live big. The meaning of life is... to be want you want to be, live a good life because every miniute, every second you waste, you will never get back. Nobody is gonna stop you, Impossible is Nothing!

What the heck is this doing here? Get this off the list now! Without school I would have never achieved the things that I achieved all the way until today and will continue to achieve it in the future too. School is here to helps us get great grades so that we can get into university and graduate and get a good job. And to the person that said teachers are bad you're wrong. Teachers are here to help you learn and teach you thing that your parents can't teach. They are also here to help you graduate everything including university so that you can find a suitable abd good job!

Ah yes, this is totally deserving of this spot. Homework that has actually driven some kids to suicidal thoughts or suicide. Kids can also feel trapped, we are in school for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! That alone is 40 hours of school! Oh wait! did I say 40!? I MEANT MORE LIKE 50! homework can suck all of the fun out of an evening, and it causes way much more stress than necessary! It would make it easier for EVERYONE if there was no homework! Teachers wouldn't be stuffed to the brim with grading assignments, and it REALLY isn't hard to adjust the grade system for removing HW from the rotation. Also, we only get more than double school time than vacation time! Who the HELL DESIGNED THIS CRAP!?!? Homework and schools make lives miserable, you'd be doing everyone a favor by removing homework, or at the very least make homework like "The assignments that weren't finished in class" - ZionUchiha

School is forced, unpaid labor. All students are basically 'school-slaves.' Sure 'it's so you can get a good job someday.' I have an idea. How about when you are little and school is fun, teach the basics, then when you're older and have an idea of what you wanna do that doesn't involve being famous or being a professional athlete (unless you are really good (and not just what you think) at what you do), and then pick the certain course designed for the job you want to have, instead of shoving tons of information in our mouths that end up useless someday when you get a job that has nothing to do with calculus or genetics!

I'm not like this total nerd, but school isn't one of the worst things ever. I mean, yeah, it sucks because you have to learn boring and complicated stuff, but if you don't go to school, you can't get yourself a social life! I mean, isn't it obvious? You meet and befriend new people mostly at school! But apart from that, I really hate school. You have to get up early and walk all the way and do your homework, study for goes on. So you can say that I 90% hate school and 10% like it.

I am all about homeschooling :)
It is way easier and you get to goof off. School is just pointless and it doesn't really help. - Robobrain

School Is The Worst Thing I've Ever Experienced AND I Still Go To School, Homework, Teachers, Bullies AND I Know People Think School IS Important Because IT'S So Common, But In Reality, IT'S Not, School Is Pointless AND IT'S Really Just A Waste OF Time, I've Never Learned A Single Thing, I Learned More Thanks To The Internet AND My Brother, Which I Have When I Don't Have School.

Pointless subjects, lady and bad teachers, HOMEWORKS, exams non stop

I know we need an education system but not the one we already have

Shows how much stupid people are on here, because terrorism is apparently better than school. So people want to have terrorists rampaging around and no school. Without school, how would we survive in this modern time, without learning things that give you the base to your future?

Yes, school may be boring, but it allows you to shape your future. Trust me, I hated going TO school, but school actually is great, since an education lets you get your dream job. Also, if it wasn't for school, I would have any friends. - DogmeatAndRex

Being a student, I have no idea what this is doing here. Without school, we'd be a bunch of introverted idiots who probably have no friends.

School's a good thing, people! And in no way is it worse than murder! - higgsboson2142

Oh grow up, school will get you somewhere in life or do you want to have a bad job and some kids from poor kids from developing countries have jobs now just think how they feel compared to us

School is the foundation of a good life. It takes a lot of work to get done, but in the end your happy you finished it, so why is it is the top ten.

School is made to brainwash you into the system and never question the government. Also to make you believe in their fake science and learn history filled with lies. - Rambles

You people should be grateful of having good education and living in a developed country, do you know what true happiness is, making something boring (like school) into fun. You will truly be a happy person, trust me.

I don't know why I have to go to school, it is honestly the worst thing in human history, can't kids have freedom too? All I care about is video games not math that I'm never gonna use in my life.

This makes no sense at all. Murder is much worse than school.

How do they expect some kids to wake up at around 6am and be plugged in for the rest of the day do homework although tired after 7 hours of non-stop school still have to do 3 hours of homework?

Yes, school is helpful, and yes, you can't get a good job without it. But can we please at least have gender separated classrooms? And possibly lunch times? WOULD THAT BE TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Sucks heaps needs to be in the top 10 - idolangelx13

School is very important but to be honest 7 hours is a bit to much and I've learned more from the internet

The reason this is hear because kids get bullied at school. And it takes up most of the day and you have to wake up early.

It actually HAS to depend on the school you go to, My Middle & High school won't make it here. My 2nd grade-5th grade life DOES. - BlueBobYT

School over bullies!? Bullies are so bad if you wanna see how bad bullying can really be, go 2 and type up Amanda Todd it's horrible - Superguy5674

There are thing that teachers teach that don't help us in life