Top Ten Worst Thing to Say to a Parent the Day After Their Child's Death

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1 He was horrible to me. He bullied me every day and made my life utterly depressing. So, I guess out of respect, I need to say I love him.

At least he was being brutally honest... - StephanTheIdiot

Good riddance then. - Nateawesomeness

You have to report him to the principles office in his feuneral, come on

Aww, that's heartbreakingly considerate. - PositronWildhawk

2 In his 5 years of life, he made little contributions and failed to develop a personality. Have another one, no one will notice.

I mean, yeah, sure, sorry for your loss and whatnot, but what's the point if he hasn't even mastered one Mozart piece on piano yet? - BlarchBlaces

He only lived for five years and the person who said that had more and yet the five year old still put more effort in his life - Nateawesomeness

This is really sad that a child had to die at five years old. - RockFashionista

Let me guess,a popular girl will say that

3 Buy a football and draw a face on it. It will make a great replacement.

I guess you can kick it about in the mud just as frequently. - PositronWildhawk

It just ruins your football career, every time you score a touchdown your grounded

Touchdown, and foul for hurting the kid

You could kick it without the CPS hating you - ToptenPizza

4 You have a daughter. It's ok.

Girls aren't the only gender existing!

Well boys are good too

5 I can be your new kid!

You know, you already have parents, you don't need two parents

Yay! more parents - Nateawesomeness

What! A step dad and step mom,your trying to get them just to ruin a funeral,nobody will want to be your parent if u say that!

6 It happens every day. Who cares?

Unless that kid is Kenny from South park that makes no sense

So he gets murdered and has a feuneral, then wakes up from his grave like your average morning

Yea,he just sleeps in graves - Nateawesomeness

He has a point,it's not like your average morning,

7 Well, he didn't have any talents. Poor little Van Halen.

Hey, you're really asking for an internet battle, aren't you? - PositronWildhawk

Well even though he's a pipsqueak, their can be things you learn

What,an Internet battle? ,That doesn't even make sense,anyways,their are things he can get better at,and what if it was a boy,then it won't be Van Halen

8 Bah, he was gay anyway.

Homophobs need to get a life. Just because someone falls for the same sex doesn't make them trash or bad person and deserves to be crapped on. It's nobody else's business who they love and they're not hurting anyone by loving the same sex anyway.

This doesn't reflect my opinion. I have nothing against homosexuality. - gemcloben

If someone made a homophobic remark about my kid I'd slap that. - ToptenPizza

Dude, just lay off, don't you have other people to worry about, like someone who's alive

9 Little prick at least you won't have to change his nappies any more.

Well it's called going to the bathroom, everynoe needs to at some point

10 Good riddance!

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11 Die
12 Get over it and move on
13 They were miserable and had no life anyway
14 Now you have your freedom back
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