Top 10 Worst Things of 2017 and 2018

Some of the worst things that were either popular or occurred last year. I'll not only be including stuff that was popular or bad things that happened in 2015 or 2016 for this list.

The Top Ten

1 The deadly flu outbreak

It killed so many people in such little time. - SomePersonYouHate

2 School shootings

They've become so common this year and they're pretty awful. - SomePersonYouHate

3 Donald Trump being president

*Awaits triggered Trump supporter comments of how Trump's supposedly a good president* - SomePersonYouHate

If Hillary won you would be complaining too, So it's a lose lose situation for you obama fans - B1ueNew

4 Bombing at Ariana Grande concert

I'm not a Grande fan but this was pretty messed up... - SomePersonYouHate

5 The death of Chester Bennington

His death hit me pretty hard to be honest... - SomePersonYouHate

6 Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump

This song was annoying in 2017 and still is... - SomePersonYouHate

7 Fortnite: Battle Royale

This is hands down the most annoying game of 2018... - SomePersonYouHate

No one even shuts up about it at my school and the game overall sucks to me

Did you even play it?

8 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

In 2017 you couldn't escape these annoying things. They were practically everywhere. They in 2018 they vanished off the face of the earth. - SomePersonYouHate

9 Uganda Knuckles Uganda Knuckles

How is this meme funny? I don't find it to be funny. I find it to be repetitive and obnoxious as hell. - SomePersonYouHate

10 The acceleration of the weakening/dissipation of earth's magnetic fields

Yeah because fortnite, uganda knuckles, fidget spinners and a crappy rap song are worse than this - B1ueNew

I honestly wasn't aware of this thanks THC13 for adding this. - SomePersonYouHate

We’re all gonna die one day, because of this.

One of many links I have for anyone that's interested. This is just one of the latest reports. The accelerating of the poles these past couple of years is jaw dropping. Pole shift or reversal is coming people. 5-15 years. - THC13

The Contenders

11 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

It's quite infamous but it's a dead horse. - SomePersonYouHate

12 Avengers: Infinity War
13 Sexual Harassment

Don't get me started on the annoying sexual harassment scandals. Half of them I can't tell if they're genuine or pure fake. - SomePersonYouHate

14 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

More overrated than zelda - B1ueNew

15 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the most overrated games ever, - B1ueNew

16 SJWs
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