Top 10 Worst Things Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender Has Done

Aang may be the avatar and the main hero of Avatar the Last Airbender but even Aang has had some not so great moments where he mostly made very questionable decisions, note not all the items on the list are necessary his worst moments but still are just enough to make it on the list.

The Top Ten

1 Running Away from the Air Temple from The Storm

During a storm Aang reveals to Katara of why he ran away from the air temple, after hearing that he's going to be taken away far from Monk Gyatso so he can train to be the Avatar Aang ran away and got caught in the storm and trapped him and Appa in ice for 100 years and in that 100 years the entire air nation was wiped out as well several horrible things happening due to his absence from the world like the fire nation staring the war and even Katara's mother being one of those casualties, and Aang feels really guilty for abandoning the world when it needed him the most. - egnomac

2 Hiding The Letter from Sokka and Katara's Father from Bato of The Water Tribe

In the episode Katara and Sokka run into Bato from their tribe who's awaiting a message from their father and they decide to wait hoping to see their father again which leaves Aang feeling like both Katara and Sokka are going to ditch him to look for their father, moments later Aang receives a letter from Sokka and Katara's father so our of character for him he hides the letter and covers the tracks left from the messenger however feeling guilt he reveals to Sokka and Katara about the letter and of course their ticked off at him for hiding the letter from them and as Aang feared they ditch him though they never bothered to ask why Aang did what he did, however despite this Sokka and Katara due decide to help Aang reach the Northern Water tribe as helping him is a lot more important. - egnomac

I forgot about this! Yeah, this was a pretty selfish move on Aang's part. - ShuhBanggg

So shell fish - BreakFastBeast2005

3 Accidentally Burning Katara with Firebending from The Deserter

This was an extremely memorable moment in the series. It's terrible, but it was also an accident. - ShuhBanggg

Aang becomes careless when he manages to firebend and of course he loses control and burns Katara's hands and Sokka is furious at Aang's carelessness and who wouldn't be. - egnomac

4 Abandoning His Training with The Guru from The Guru

Just like in Empire Strikes Back with Luke Skywalker leaving his training to help his friends, during Aang's training with the guru he gets a vision of Katara in trouble at Ba Sing Se and decides to leave his training and of course walks directly into Azula's trap and just like with Luke Sywalker Aang falls after getting attacked by Azula from behind and all of Ba Sing Se falls under Azula's control. - egnomac

5 Lying to the Two Tribes from The Great Divide

After spending the entire episode dealing with the two bickering tribes Aang makes up a ridicules story that you can clearly tell is bogus to finally end the tribes fighting and more surprising the tribes actually believe the ridicules story, though not the worst thing he's done but its still out of character for Aang to just make up a story to get people to stop fighting. - egnomac

This was really out of character, and even the people that worked on the show hate this episode.

6 Allowing Himself to be Taken Prisoner from Avatar Day

Aang and company are in the middle of their journey to help Aang learn Earthbending and instead they make another detour and end up at a village that celebrates an anti Avatar day as the people hate the avatar as former Avatar Kyoshi apparently killed their once great leader rather than just leave and continue their journey Aang tries to prove his innocence and follows through their procedures of a trial which involves in Aang being imprisoned while Sokka and Katara try to prove Avatar Kyoshi's innocence, he has way more important things to do then to try and prove his past lives innocence and waste precious time that could be used to find an earthbending teacher. - egnomac

7 Ignoring Katara's Warning About Staying on Kyoshi Island from The Warriors of Kyoshi
8 Aang Going Into the Avatar State in an Angry Rage and Almost Wiping Out the Sandbenders from The Desert

After finding themselves in the desert after Appa is taken by sandbenders Aang and company are finally found by a couple of sandbenders who agree to help them out of the desert however Toph recognizes one of the sandbender's voice who was one of the sandender's who took Appa which angers Aang even more when he herd they muzzled Appa that he goes into the avatar state and nearly destroys the sandbender and all but one of the sand ships which is there only way of getting out of the desert alive until Katara is able to calm him down. - egnomac

9 Accidentally Setting Off The Signal Flare on the Ship from The Boy in The Iceberg

Aang of cours just had to go into the fire nation ship and accidentally setting off the signal flare alerting Zuko's crew to his possible whereabouts and risking the lives of the tribe in the process. - egnomac

10 Kissing Katara from The Ember Island Players

During an intermission Aang asks her if she truly sees him as nothing more than a brother like in the play and Katara tells him that at the moment is really no time for them to discuss their relationship due to all whats happening right now with Sozin's comet and the upcoming battle with fire lord Ozai and Aang kisses her which really angers her as she was not in the mood as she storms off leaving Aang to feel foolish. - egnomac

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