Top Ten Worst Things About 1st Grade

The Top Ten

1 Teacher Yells at You

This list should be called "Worst Things about Elementary School"


Wow! I didn't like 1st grade but you must have really hated it. That's quite a reaction. - happytobeherexx

2 Teachers Make You Cry

I hated 1st grade. I cried a lot in school. Stupid teacher! >:(

3 Snitches
4 Yelling and Screaming
5 Being Yelled At
6 People Get Mad at You for Reasons
7 Teachers Blame for Your Mistakes
8 Teachers Refuse to Help You
9 Strict Teachers
10 Get in Trouble for Your Emotions

The Contenders

11 Punishments

Yea. One thing (unfortunately out of many things) that sunk grade one. :( Punishments were ridiculous and I managed to find myself in trouble frequently. - happytobeherexx

Eff first grade! I was always in flicken trouble. Life sucked in 1st grade! - blackdragonwoman95

My teacher make kids stand on a rug whenever they were being bad

POS grade

12 Spelling Tests

We had to spell big words like "remember" and "always". IT WAS SO HARD!

13 Bullies

When I was in 1st grade there was an Asian boy who would taunt me in every way possible.

14 Mean Teachers

When I got sent to the rug in 1st grade my teacher was like "GO STAND ON THE X! "

15 Timed Math Worksheets

The ones where you have 1 minute to solve 100 math problems. It was so stressful!

16 Holiday Concerts

Instead of singing songs like "O Holy Night" you had to sing about stuff like Santa his reindeer being happy and fat and stuff.

Well it prepared me for high school chorus!

17 The Pledge of Allegiance

We have to say it once a day, every day, for the next 12 years!

18 Playgrounds

I loved recess, but I was too little for the monkey bars. I outgrew them (AKA "got too big for them") by the time I was in 4th or 5th grade.

19 Waiting for the Book Orders to Come

Ordering and choosing books was fun. Waiting 2-4 weeks for your books to arrive was NOT fun.

20 The Curriculum

In social studies I had to learn about other countries. In math I had to learn how to count money and tell time. In science I had to learn solid, liquids, and gas (AKA "chemistry") IT'S SO COMPLICATED!

21 Punishment Methods

Standing on the X...I hated it

22 Butt Scooters in Gym Class
23 Climbing the Rope During Gym Class

Are they trying to training us for military boot camp?

24 Not Having Money for the Book Fair
25 Never Beating the Games in the Edmark House Series

Trudy's Time House, Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House and Millie's Math House

26 Treasure Mathstorm's Difficulty Level

I could NEVER seem to beat that stupid game! >:(

27 Noisy Pencil Sharpeners

The ones on the wall that you have to turn a handle to sharpen them. Also they NEVER seem to work right.

28 Being Banned from Using Scented Markers
29 The Chin-Up Bar

Those were so hard

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