Top 10 Worst Things About the 2010s

Man, the 2010's sucked. Music went down hill, kids cartoons became more inappropriate, and people were so uneducated that most of them didn't even know who Hitler was.
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1 Hero Factory

The democrats are like Barb, trying to raise a generation of Chris Chans. They want their offspring to be mortally dependent on them, so they make every effort to nuke their independence. Don't worry, mama govt will provide you all with nice tugboats, as long as you swear loyalty to her forever.

But also like Barb, the democrat leadership have gone senile and now the inmates are running the asylum. The Chris Chans are just rambling about how orange bad man / ted bundy-chu are responsible for everything bad, and all Barb can do is nod and say "that's nice dear".

They're not worrying about how they pay the bills, because the blue wave / dimensional merge is coming and by then they'll have access to the coffers of the rich people / cwcville and everything will be fine.

I wan't it to be the 1980's but I was not even born yet. I hate this so called 2010's decade.

I've never heard of that

2 Bad Music Artists

The 2010s in my opinion in regards to music artists were pretty so-so. You've got good artists who've been making music since the 2000s like Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus (I'm guessing because of her Hannah Montana era :), Selena Gomez & The Scene, Christina Aguilera... so many people. And then you've got music from the early 2010s, some good, some bad. So, I wouldn't exactly say that the 2010s were COMPLETELY perfect for music, but then again neither really were the 2000s (SOME but not all of them.) I mostly listen to the pop/rock or R&B of the 2000s and some of the early 2010s and then that's it. 2013 however was where music just started to get BLEAUGH... I really don't pay much attention to the music that ever plays on the radio except for the ones I actually like/love. I'm mostly into the Contemporary Christian music anyways.

I listen to Kat Mcsnatch (who is far from mainstream or bad), Bo Burnham (who is also far from mainstream or bad) and Eminem (who is mainstream but really deserves it). There are both bad and good music artists in the mainstream world. I also listen to random metal and rock music from Guitar Hero which are really good. I even made a playlist on Guitar Hero PS4 songs (but I haven't added the extras yet).

There are a few bad music artists, but there always was. I am only 13, but I will explain why people prefer old music to new as clear as I can, as I may have an explanation.

It only seems like music is getting worse each year because these bad artists, like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, are getting more media attention. Bad artists in years before the 2000's were just forgotten about. Even if you came across a bad artist in the <2000's, you have now forgotten about that artist, and you have no chance of remember him/her. In 10 years time, we would get people saying ...more

Yes ever decade has it's gems and it's pieces of crap, but this decade really leans towards the crap side, fae more so than any other decade. Little to no creativity, the same drum beat in almost EVERY song, weird 'vocal' effects, a chorus is now just some weird noise instead of lyrics or a riff, and well; The fact that a music blockbuster... I mean video, is clearly more important than the song it's meant to promote! Think that last point says it really, don't you think?

There is a lot of crap, yes. But if you care to dig a little, we are in one of the most exciting musical eras ever. There's so much great music being made that is never played on the radio - obscure bands who can now be heard easily because of YouTube and other social media.

It's a great time to be a music fan.

3 Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

They may be defeated but the damage they have done is horrendous they burned down ancient libraries and monuments from the greatest civilisations that ever existed. Some of the libraries they destroyed had not even finished digitalising their manuscripts when the ISIS bastards destroyed them. Also there is the fact that we don't know what knowledge these libraries could have contained, the Middle East especially Syria played a great role in preserving the classics of Greece and Rome, not to mention the knowledge that could have been transferred after the fall of Byzantium Empire. Those libraries could have had the lost writings of Cassius Dio, Plutarch, Arrian, Diodorus Siculus but will never know thanks to these sub-human savages we might have lost a chance to reclaim countless lost works of past genius. Then after that their supporters and commanders are still allowed to be active and there is no real move to punish this filth.

Good thing they are finally gone, but unfortunately the Syria war is still going.

At least it died.

If china is considered capitalist than America is communist

4 Amy Winehouse Dies
5 Chester Bennington's death
6 Gene Simmons Telling Depressed People to Kill Themselves

Absurd comment for sure, but why would you believe everything a washed old rocker says?

7 The Media saying that Artists like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are Role Models for the Youth of America

Do you people even know where Nicki got her surname, Minaj, from? She got it from Menage, Which is French for Threesome (a Threesome is three people acting in sexual activities).

And ABC said that Nicki Minaj (or should I say Nicki Threesome) is a role model for the youth of America. Because Threesomes are really appropriate for younger kids right? WRONG!

The fact that these people are seen as role models sickens me. Modern pop artists are the exact opposite of good rule models. Yet Rock, and metal music is seen as "Stannic", and "Too rebellious". Wow it's like we live in the 1950s again.

So what? The media (probably CNN) might also tell you that "Donald Trump supports KKK" tomorrow when you switch on the T.V. Are you gonna believe that too?

This is 100% true. The media actually does promote bad role models as long as they are progressive/liberal. This is also one of the reasons why the MSM is fake news.

8 Social Justice Warriors

SJWs and people who still trust the MSM think that the FBI and other people in government are here to help the people when they are not. The government sucks at protecting the people and have only made things worse when they get more power. Thanks to these idiots, Washington has centralized its power. Washington DC is the equivalent to a criminal organization and has been like this for awhile. The idiots in Washington DC are the biggest threat to the world and the American people. Not ISIS, not ISIL, not the alt-right, not the KKK, not China, and not Russia. Freedom is not given. It is taken.

These people will be the face of the 2010s regardless if you side with their values or not. When people think of the 2010s the people of the future will think of political correctness, people trying to impose 1984 style censorship although failing, awful cartoon fandoms like Steven Universe and MLP, the dumbing down of western civilization, people with the intelligence of Chris Chan (who is no longer an internet oddity but rather one of the many faces of how people in the 2010s lived their lives), Tumblr, Obama, labeling people racist Nazis or pedophiles, yellow journalism, and the defense of pedophilia. The 2010s can be summarized by two things political correctness and autism.

These people should go to North Korea. I've seen the MSM even claim that North Korea is a better country than America unironically. I even seen one person on the comments section of YouTube claim that the 1st amendment is Orwellian. The Alt-Right may be filled with literal retards but at least skinheads get called out on their obnoxious behavior and are shunned by society. Hell I've even seen the right call other parts of the regressive right. When Seattle4Truth killed someone he was called out and was tossed out of their group while the MSM and the left called for violence against Senator Rand Paul, a politician who has done almost nothing wrong, and the left even praised the violence. Also when a shooting happens or anything bad that happens to society or the left, the first thing the left will think of is Russia when it is irrelevant to the topic. The modern left are not adults, they are manchildren that were not raised properly.

These people are far more destructive to ...more

I used to hate SJWs a lot more back in 2013-2017 until the anti-SJW circlejerk proved themselves to be way more retarded. When that LARP Q anon came to 8chan, that was when it became obvious that these kneejerk reactions towards the SJWs were full of bull. Back when /pol/ was an ironic board and not making BS manifestos, it was a lot more justified to hate SJWs. Nowadays the anti-SJWs have no power, no good arguments except for a few channels, and nothing that proves why we should listen to them when their ideas brought one the of the biggest Zionist frauds in history to power.

9 Media Manipulation

The media has dumbed down society and has made people dumber. Unfunny leftist state propagandists disguised as comedians are telling people how to think. No one should even watch T.V. in the current year. It is all propaganda outlets for the elites in power and to create a culture based on consumerism that dumbs down the individual.

Thanks to SJW crybabies, movies don't even get real reviews. Black Panther got a perfect 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes when it is just a generic superhero film that stars a black cast despite the fact that Blade had black people first and unlike Black Panther it was given honest reviews.Thanks to bots everything feels AstroTurfed even if the film is legitimately good.

Never mind, Black Panther is a good film. But the way that the review sites were still baised about it. Basically in modern Hollywood if you do not like a film that is being promoted heavily, then you are a racist or a Russian troll.

Especially News channels who are mostly biased to either one of the political spectrum.

10 GoAnimate

Get this to number 1. It's because of the grounded videos. They make ABSOLUTLY no sense whatsoever. The rants are just... awful.

GoAnimate sucks!

I used to like it in 2012/2013

But I hated it

I am glad that I left it

Should go at the top

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12 Political Correctness

There's nothing worse than people with traditional thoughts.
Yes, Republicans, I'm talking about you.
People should be allowing for change. What about you guys?
Nah, lets be homophobic, sexist and racist in the name of "tradition".
Oh, lets also label people try to stop this crap as stupid as well.

When Far Cry 5 came out you did not get the results you wanted showing that you are incapable of free thought or being an audience wroth catering towards.

Traditional thoughts are good for society. Screw your cult. That is what you are. You are a cult. You hate this country and should leave.

True I hate feminists and pc.

13 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

Obama was worse. He created PC culture and snowflakes. He helped turn America into insufferable hipster brats. Obama is like a bad parent who gives everyone what they want. And Clinton would have made things worse by making Brave New World into a reality. Yes, Trump has some polices that are retarded, but compared to Bush, Obama, Clinton, or any other establishment politician, he is an angel who I think actually wants to help his country by putting America First. If you like Obama or any other establishment politican then you are a hipster piece of trash and a NPC.

Many who like the idea of MAGA don't seem to understand success is tied to the continuity and stability of the Petro Dollar Empire. Why should Russia be the key suppliers of natural gas into Europe? Trump is not pro war, but he is America First... so MAGA was always going to mean war. Besides, he doesn't want them to burn the rest of his tower down. Remember Ivanka crying to him 'about the children' in last years false flag attack? So Trump had to get with the program. But he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. He's a good guy like that, he's just caught between a rock and a hard place. You do realise that destabilising Europe with the next wave of African migrants is actually in the U.S. favour, right? Then there is 'The Greater Isreal' project, and that is definitely in the U.S.'s favour. Watching all the toady nations outdo themselves to demonstrate their willingness to support a U.S. led war... this is MAGA in action, bought and paid for in Syrian lives. Don't let it upset you too ...more

I've changed my mind. Trump is now worse than Obama but better than Clinton and every 2020 candidate by a very slim margin, but somehow I would still vote for him just out of spite against the corruption of the DNC who are corrupt because they want to put a clueless boomer like Joe Biden over a candidate that the people actually want like Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, or Tulsi. Obama was still a joke because he was able to get away with drone striking children for simply having a D on his name because the Republicans are usually held accountable more. There is no difference between the two parties other than the tax rate and rhetoric.

In my opinion Trump and the Republicans are part of Yuri Bezmenov's scheme to destroy America because if you look at his ideas of how he wants to subvert America, his plan fits completely with the Trump campaign for the demoralization part of his plan. Trump has put more gun laws than Obama at this point. He has not started any new wars luckily, ...more

I wonder if Trump feeds his kids Tide Pods for lunch.

14 More and More Teenage Girls Getting Pregnant

Just wait 'till you're married!

15 Swag and YOLO

This is actually one of the least bad things about the 2010s. Once 2013 hit things went downhill and once 2015 happened all redeemable aspects of this decade being good went out the window.

Yolo was an idiotic excuse to do extremely idiotic and dangerous activities, Swag is another word for cool.

16 Too Many Remakes of Classic Movies

Dear Disney, stop ruining the Disney Renaissance. The only good remake was The Jungle Book.

This is nothing new. The 90s had a ton of terrible remakes as well.

17 Too Many Ignorant, Uneducated People

Everyone asks when kids became so dumb. Answer: 2010. The 2010s will forever be one of the worst decades in history.

I'd rather live in the 1930s than this crap decade. At least the people in the 1930s and 1940s have actual character.

The people who fought in WW2 would be rolling in their graves if they encountered a 2010s lifeform. Today's people are so dumb that eat Tide Pods.

Well...everywhere I see them and I think IGN (which you can't spell ignorant without it) is lesser ignorant

18 Movies and TV Shows Suck Now

I can't even get myself to watch T.V. anymore. PC culture made things worse. I remember cutting cable in 09 during the beginning of the Great Recession. I can not how believe how bad it has gotten. Not anything is bad however. You can still find good movies like Logan or Blade Runner 2049 but it just feels like Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. Also avoid most of the cartoons of this era. In my opinion, Steven Universe is overrated trash that has no story or good animation to speak of.

T.V. shows:
The Big Bang Theory- not funny.
2 Broke Girls- not funny.
Tosh.O- not funny.
Dog With A Blog- not funny.
Liv & Maddie- not funny.
The Jerry Springer Show- should have been cancelled.
The Voice- I don't like it.
American Idol- Used to care, then I don't like it anymore.

Pacific Rim- cheesy special effects and dull plot.
Fantastic 4 2015- dull cgi and no plot.
Transformers 5- terrible movie, great special effects and explosions.
Emoji Movie- uh...

Steven Universe had potential but it ended up being garbage that is full of filler due to a disconnection between the animators and the writers. The only reason why anyone likes is because they have not grown out of children's cartoons and also the fact that it is not TTG.

What does the 2010s have in movies and T.V.? Well we have the worst movie ever the emoji movie. We have the worst T.V. show ever Sanjay and craig. And we have many more bad movies and T.V. shows

19 People accusing Rock and Heavy Metal of being "Satanic"

That did not happen this decade. But it did happen in the 90s. Nowadays it's the left who are acting like these types of Christians. These people pussified metal with their PC culture.

Other than some intentional trolls, I've never seen anybody still saying this in the 2010s

20 4 Year-old Girl With Breast and Butt Padding On Toddlers and Tiaras

When was this...

21 We Have the Worst Music in History

People who say this are too lazy to search up good music. I listen to Kat Mcsnatch (who is far from mainstream or bad), Bo Burnham (who is also far from mainstream or bad) and Eminem (who is mainstream but really deserves it). There are both bad and good music artists in the mainstream world. I also listen to random metal and rock music from Guitar Hero which are really good. I even made a playlist on Guitar Hero PS4 songs (but I haven't added the extras yet).

There are a few bad music artists, but there always was. I am only 13, but I will explain why people prefer old music to new as clear as I can, as I may have an explanation.

It only seems like music is getting worse each year because these bad artists, like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, are getting more media attention. Bad artists in years before the 2000's were just forgotten about. Even if you came across a bad artist in the <2000's, you have now forgotten about that artist, and you have no chance of ...more

Even the 00s were better. I miss old YouTube. I miss the times when people were not easily triggered people that live in their social hugboxes. I miss when the mainstream had stuff to offer. If the 00s are known for anything, it would be known as the last decade where people had common sense. The 2010s on the other hand will be known as the decade where people eat Tide Pods.

I really hate those people who hate the new generation, they think it sucks JUST because of music. I would be glad to punch their tummies if they ever say "I hate my generation, I want the Beatles on the radio, not Taylor Swift! "

Early 2010s is good, but started going downhill in 2013 and became awful in 2016. I listen to electric music now rather than what is mainstream. Though some people may not like it, I do.

22 Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's Product Image

Seriously, a video game is ruining this decade?

23 Bad Role Models Like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and Lil Wayne Getting Glorified and Praised
24 The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

This show ruined my life. It is absolutely awful, especially the first season. I have no idea why so many people say it's one of the best shows ever when it's actually one of the worst.

This show is disgusting, especially the pool episode.

25 Social Media Obsession

Social media is cancer

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