Top Ten Worst Things About 2015-2016 YouTube


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1 Drama

Way too much drama going on this year. Literally, there is more drama than the past few years combined.

2 YouTubers Getting Strikes and Getting Suspended
3 Reaction Channels

Here's the thing: Reaction Videos are not bad!

But guys like Jinx or Tyrone Magnus are not Reaction Videos! Nobody cares about their reaction, people only watch the videos in their corner! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

4 Dramaalert/Keemstar
5 Plagiarism

This is one of the biggest problems with YouTube right now, everyone is being like everyone else, YouTube sucks now.

For those who know the "Pikachu Attacks (or Shocks) Ash" video, you know how many views it has gotten and that it is NOT MONETIZED (thank you by the way, you guys rock! ) The video I have uploaded to YouTube has been stolen by a YouTuber called ZDK renaming it, " PIKACHU KILLS ASH! MUST WATCH! " AND THE COPIED VIDEO IS MONETIZED! UGH! - ClassicGaminer

6 YouTube Not Listening to Its Users

This is perhaps the biggest mistake being made, YouTube can't respect the people who get on it, and the people making the videos don't trust their fans, and only want to make money.

7 Superminecraftkid
8 YouTube Videos With Clickbait Titles In Every Video V 1 Comment
9 New Features Make YouTube Worse
10 YouTube Not Punishing Criminals

If YouTube weren't lazy anymore, then they would have reported all the people making bad choices and sued them.

The Contenders

11 Vines V 2 Comments
12 H3h3 vs Leafy
13 TheFineBros React World
14 Attention Prostitution

Many people on YouTube are doing whory stuff just to get more views and money, it's just wrong.

15 Undertale Haters In Comment Sections
16 People doing stupid things to get attention
17 YouTube Red
18 Cringe Compilations

People Are To Brainwashed To Realize What They Are Doing Counts As Cyber Bullying

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1. Plagiarism
2. YouTube Not Listening to Its Users
3. YouTube Not Punishing Criminals
1. Drama
2. YouTubers Getting Strikes and Getting Suspended
3. Reaction Channels



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