Top 10 Worst Things About 2015

The Top Ten

1 Iwata Passed Away

This is the saddest thing that Nintendo players missed. RIP Iwata!

2 Nintendo Wii U Games

Last time the Old Wii U games were fine, but things started to get worst. Super Luigi U is the most hated and more stuff were most hated too.

3 Roblox Is 100% Ruined

Roblox is ruined because ALL the updates are devil to ruin this game. The Physics update is the worst update in Roblox how you like launch out of a conver belt when you jump.

4 Club Penguin Is Ruined

The parties in CP are getting pointless for some reason. Its because the Co-founder in CP left and things start to get worst. Takeovers are everywhere now and they're pointless too.

5 Hub Network Is Replaced by Discovery Family

Bronies and other Hub Network fans didn't like how Discovery Family is replacing Hub Network. That really killed HN and the characters survived the replacement.

6 Crappy Pop Music Still Tops The Billboards
7 Whip and Nae Nae
8 Gay Marriage

I'm not gay but this is so offensive! you idiots who hate gay people should duck off!

9 Refugees
10 Ile de France shootings

The Contenders

11 NBC Cancels Hannibal


"But sir, Hannibal's developing a cult following! The people love how well it's shot! "


12 Charleston Church Shooting
13 Police Brutality
14 RadioShack filed for bankruptcy
15 Bionicle G2 Began
16 Friendship Games
17 Undertale Undertale
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