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21 Undertale exists to haunt haters

This game is everywhere JUST to annoy the haters. I think in 3 years at least the fandom might wear out. But what if there is a sequel called Overtale? That'll make the Fandom ENDLESS? Haters don't want that. Pretend that I am a hater and Undertale annoys me. Life will be dead by now. - bugger

The way you compare death to first-world problems make you generally concerned for you. - Swellow

A game existing makes a year terrible? - RalphBob

22 Barney & Friends Is Still On The Air

Be happy it officially ended on September the 18th, 2009. They only replay re-runs of the show. - Swellow

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23 Too Many Annoying Hatedoms

You can't talk about a single issue in 2016 without some sensitive guy who belongs to a horrible faction breathing down your neck. - NuMetalManiak

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24 Hillary Clinton is running for president
25 The new Powerpuff Girls reboot is terrible

It really sucks, they should bring back the old voice actors and animation. - Catacorn

First Donald Trump, a terrible candidate becoming president, then this, and now kpop following the boring EDM trend.

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26 Hipsters are becoming more common

You made this list after it was cool. - IronSabbathPriest

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27 Orlando Shooting
28 Death of Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali
29 Hurricane Matthew
30 New Ebola Cases In Africa
31 Music Got Worse
32 Bad TV Shows

But the loud house is good

PPG 2016, Sanjay and Craig, Teen Titans Go, BreadWinners, Uncle Grandpa - Neonco31

33 Norm of the North
34 Lots of terrorist attacks
35 Brexit
36 People are afraid of world war 3
37 Movies nowadays suck

There is still some good movies out there today.

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38 Dora & Caillou Are Still On the TV

Dora was cancelled in January. I think Caillou was cancelled before that. - RalphBob

39 They changed the voices for Plotagon

Cause a voice change in an app makes the year terrible. - RalphBob

40 Kpop is starting to get terrible V 1 Comment
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