Worst Things About 2018 Music

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1 6ix9ine is becoming more popular

He can't make a song that gets above 0/10 to save his life, seeing his picture makes me want to throw up, not to mention that he is a pedophile. - allamassal

Oh I hate this thing - B0S5J4M3S

Agreed. His music are terrible, his direction is just no. And just like what allamassal said, he's a PEDOPHILE! - MissRWBY202

Ewww I hate 6ix9ine. - DarkBoi-X

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2 Drake Still Exists

And he broke The Beatles' record for the most songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Unbelievable. - allamassal

1) Had 3 #1 hits for 5+ weeks
2) Massive album bomb
3) "Nice For What" returned to #1 4 dang times
That one day he (will) makes an album with 50+ tracks and it dominates the entire Top 50, kicking every non-Drake hit out of the Top 50
oh boy - StarlightSpanks

And he's been dominating the #1 spot on the charts for most of the last 6 months. - allamassal

Taylor Swift: I know how to hog the #1 spot and with multiple songs.

Adele: Nah, I can do that better than you, Tay, and with ONE ALBUM

Taylor Swift: Please, I can do the same thing

Luis Fonsi: Please, your songs made not so long living memes, mine reached #1 in 16 weeks for one song, and it had good memes.

Drake: come on. I have done it maybe less, but I do know how to break the Beatles record, be #1, make 2 memes and a challenge. HOW ABOUT THAT HUH?

Narrator: And that was the end for Drake, the Spot Hogger. - MissRWBY202

This little skit was about songs that went into #1. Adele is good though. Drake on the other hand is hot trash. - MissRWBY202

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3 Cardi B is becoming more popular

No, I DON'T like it.
You are just a spoiled, phony SoundCloud rapper. Go away, Cancer B. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Worst Things About Music In 2018: People listen to music I don't like - BlarchBlaces

Eh let’s be real here, there’s way worse rappers
At least her beats are nice - StarlightSpanks

4 Justin Timberlake released his album Man Of The Woods

Say Something is so repetitive it gets annoying (like seriously, near the end the phrase "looking for something I can't have" is repeated 8 TIMES). - allamassal

5 Kali Uchis released After The Storm
6 Zedd released The Middle

Zedd, stop degrading electronic music. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Wasn’t even that, even though it’s still a trash song to me, it’s not that bad so I could’ve just shoved it off if it wasn’t a massive Top 10 hit and didn’t hog the top spot in Hot EDM songs for 30 dang weeks. - StarlightSpanks

7 Rap Continuing its popularity

Increasing*, not continuing - StarlightSpanks

And now we have awful rappers like Cardi B, and Drake dominating the #1 spot despite not deserving it. - allamassal

8 6ix9ine's Fefe was 3 on the Billboard Hot 100

The lyrics in that song are horrible, and Nicki Minaj's rap is unbearable as usual. Plus, well, it's a 6ix9ine song. - allamassal

I don't know how people can lead this to #3. This is stupider than LWYMMD and In My Feelings combined for it to reach at a top spot. - MissRWBY202

And it is on #2. - MChkflaguard_Yt

9 Drake released God’s Plan

This song was #1 for like 10 weeks and has played on the radio a bit too much for the snoozefest that it is. - allamassal

10 Drake's In My Feelings hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100

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11 XXXTentacion released his album ?

I think it’s called “?” because people question if it should even count as music.

12 James Bay released Wild Love
13 Halsey ruined Alone with the remix featuring Stefflon Don and Big Sean

I was just listening to this. Halsey's part gets 10/10 from me, but the rap part... ugh... - allamassal

"Halsey's biggest fan" states she ruined Alone and puts them on a list about why 2018 music is horrible?
I find that somewhat ironic... - CloudInvasion

It was already her song, but she created a remix with two horrible rappers who ruined it.

14 Janelle Monáe released Make Me Feel
15 DJ Khaled released Top Off
16 Pop/Rap/EDM still Dominate the Top 100

The bad part of EDM got really popular while the good part doesn't. Very curious. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I hate 2018 music

17 Camila Cabello is becoming more popular
18 Snobby, talentless, bratty popstars

"€OMG look at me, I can’t sing or play an instrument, so I’ll just release fake, auto tuned songs, add in a fake drum beat, and cry about everyone forgetting my 1/10th birthday into a microphone because lol #everyonewillbelieveme, then I’ll earn $1,000,000 and my song will be on the radio for a year, then I’ll hate on rock music and say it’s for old people, then I’ll buy a bright pink car and bleach my hair so much that it all falls off, then I’ll have someone else write up a song about it for me, scream it into a microphone, and sell another song because I’m a superstar and everyone loves me! ”

Says every modern pop star. Such talentless brats who know nothing about music and just want to be popular, rich, and famous and hate on good music." - modern_music_is_stupid

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