Worst Things About 5 Seconds of Summer

This is my first list so it may not be top quality.These are the worst things about 5 Seconds of Summer.Enjoy.

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1 They are the next One Direction

I predict that when One Direction will split up,5 Seconds Of Summer will replace them like 1D replaced Justin Bieber. - Elina

A bit more poppy but hyped with instruments. Famous for looks and garbage music. True. - MetalObsessed

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2 Their fans call them Punk Rock

I don't really care about this band, but what annoys me is how they're called "punk rock" like Fall Out Boy.

If they were indeed punk rock, their concerts would not be filled with screaming middle school girls - NymeriaWaters

Seriously. Just seriously. They are pop, not punk. - RiverClanRocks

HAHA that's hilarious - Brobusky

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3 Their cover of "American Idiot"

They covered Green Day? *spits out water* - RiverClanRocks

Why did they cover that, it sucked. If you haven't listened to it yet, consider yourself lucky. - Catacorn

Just wake me up when September ends - ProPanda

What?! *faints is surprise and dies a little inside* - 906389

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4 Their fans are mostly One Direction fans

And One Direction fans are known for being immature in responding to haters,being obsessive,fighting about who's a better fan,etc. - Elina

5 They toured with One Direction

1D is a boyband,so it makes sense that they're called one because of this and of their teenage girl (pretty much) fanbase. - Elina

Seems legit. - RiverClanRocks

6 They're liked for their looks

If they weren't attractive,they wouldn't be half as popular even if they still toured with 1D. - Elina

7 They ripped off My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers"

I think it was She's Kinda Hot, a bad song name. -NobleDynasti

She's Kinda Hot.

"She's Kinda Hot" sounds like "Teenagers",they even admitted to it.

PS:I think "She's Kinda Hot" is a really cheesy,bad song name. - Elina

8 They ripped off Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down"

With their song "Social Casualty". - Elina

9 The line "She looks so perfect standing there, in her American Apparel Underwear"

There are so many things wrong with this line. First of all, product placement in the chorus is just shameless and cringeworthy. Not as cringeworthy as the line itself, though. The first thing you notice about a girl standing somewhere is their underwear? And what brand it is? Wow, that's an entirely new level of creepy. - Zach808

Those lyrics are stupid.


10 They ripped off Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf"

With their song "Hey Everybody".

Another bad song name. - Elina

To be honest, I liked this song though. - ProPanda


5SOS gets too much praise for doing that. Duran Duran doesn't get as much as he loved to thanks to the fanbases of these types of boy bands. >:(

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11 They ripped off My Chemical Romance and Green Day

She's Kinda Hot' ripping off Teenagers (one of the best songs of all time) already angers me, but when did they rip off Green Day? Oh wait, they do that EVERY SINGLE SONG! Screw these guys - ProPanda


12 They are a boy band

However, you can't hate a band just because of its classification.

They are horrible! - RiverClanRocks

Opinions on this are divided,but I think that they are a boyband,and boybands have generally bland music and annoying fangirls. - Elina

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1. They are the next One Direction
2. They're liked for their looks
3. Their fans are mostly One Direction fans
1. Their fans are mostly One Direction fans
2. Their fans call them Punk Rock
3. They ripped off Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down"



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