Top Ten Worst Things About 6th Grade

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1 Almost every teacher is mean

Some yup like mrs sabina

I had problems with 6th grade Special Ed Teacher was unbelieving and hateful her name was Miss Dunham - Bikerninja1997

Not all of them - Bikerninja1997

I absolutely Despised 6th grade - codydoestuff

2 Your math teacher gives you a ton of homework

Everyday 1 sheet of paper and its due the following day

I got math homework on Fridays in 6th grade

3 Popular girls

Usually the worst people to be friends with

I hate them they used to ALWAYS talk about me behind my back.

They suck,(I only mean the mean ones)their on their phones nonstop! - Nateawesomeness

4 There are tons of bullies

I was a big kid so luckily I never had bullies - codydoestuff

I've had like 7 bullies in one semester,but I made friends with four of them next semester - Nateawesomeness

5 Older grades tease you for being in the youngest grade

Actually, in my case, the opposite is true. Because i’m in an older grade this one bratty little sixth grader harasses me, and he gets away with it, because he’s younger, and a lot smaller. But this kid takes it to a nasty level, acussing me of sexual activities, stealing my phone, and he actually convinced them to kick me off the bus for a week, for doing something that didn’t bother anyone! He didn’t care! He only did it so he could hog the attention of my friends.

Same since technically in my school it goes up to fourth grade to sixth grade - toptenforlife

6 You get less popular if you lose an argument

I'm now in 6th grade.Anyhow I'm unpopular.

Luckily I won all of them - Nateawesomeness

7 Losing friends

This should be at least 10

8 You're just getting used to middle school

This is facts because the teachers think that you´re used to it all ready and they push you to hard. especially the PE teachers.

I'm Actually almost in high school middle school was a fun year

9 Everyone turns into a jerk

so true!

10 Science gets way harder

Actually science was easier in 6th grade than it was in 5th grade. That’s because I moved over the summer to a less advanced school.

In 5th grade,it was sixth grade,It's SO HARD,can someone please bring Albert Einstein back to life so he can tutor me.or at least positronwildhawk? - Nateawesomeness

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11 The dating and hormones

I hate dating.

I'm currently in the sixth grade, and the "popular girls" are getting complimented, praised and the girls are flirting 24/7. Literally every popular girl is kissing their crush two days after they started dating and when someone compliments the guy, they're like; you so like him, but whatever. I'll let you go because I'm awesome. Plus, if you're 4"11, you were abnormally tall in 5th grade, but if you're 4"11 in the sixth grade, you're officially the short one. I was super short as a ten year old, and I was still the tall one. Now, I'm 5"4 and I'm short. Also, if any guys are reading this, let me warn you- Girls in middle school hate guys whose height start with 4 and do something good and helpful. It has to be "bad boys" who swear, fight and have a low-pitched voice, sadly.

I'm in sixth grade, soon going into seventh. Dating, or should I say "dating" is a pretty big problem at our school, considering almost every person gets "paired" with someone within a week. I haven't been "paired" with someone, and neither has anyone minus one person within my friendship group. Personally I find it a waste of time, considering it's obviously only for popularity and attention. Everyone claims that they've got a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend", but it only lasts for a week and they don't even date, so it's pointless to create something unreal with someone else for no reason.

Very true. I’m 4’11”, and I’m actually pretty short for the sixth grade, yet in fifth grade, I was abnormally tall.

12 Other girls judge you on looks, clothes, and so much more

Some times even skin colour

13 Report cards get stricter

My teachers had weekly progress reports and they world write bad stuff about me on them.

14 You're just getting used to lockers

I'm in sixth grade and I don't use lockers :D

I was sharing a locker with my friend,but I'm so bad at turning the code! I even had to find my friend so he can turn the code for me,and I was 10 minutes late for ELA! I don't even use lockers anymore! and if theirs anyone having trouble with their locker,don't get a locker in the PE locker room,because their even harder to turn the code - Nateawesomeness

15 Fake friends



16 Popularity

I am one of the popular kids, I'm chill or whatever but I hate it when people try to act like somebody they aren't. Don't be yourself fully but don't be someone else.

17 Too much homework

Hell yeah way to much homework

18 Having your period

I didn't get mine until I was in 7th grade.

It’s so uncomfortable when that happens in 6th grade. I can’t tell a teacher because it would have made things awkward.

19 8th graders hate you
20 Everyone has a phone

not true

21 Mean and ignorant kids

Some 6th graders can be real childish for their age.I used to feel weak in 6th grade but I was mature.

22 Stupid kids
23 Getting yelled at

My teacher told us if we breathe too loud he would cancel our field trips. he scares everybody with his yelling.

24 Very mean teachers

They have these in EVERY GRADE, not just 6th!


25 Egyptian, Greece, and Roman projects

Ancient Greece is cool.

26 The assignments get harder
27 Teachers can't stand autism
28 Teachers Always on You
29 Teachers never understand

When I was in 6th grade I was in my music class when I randomly got these HORRIBLE stomach cramps. I probably just had to poop so I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. Teacher said yes so I went. Couldn't relieve myself but cramps subsided so I returned. Then the cramps returned and I had to excuse myself again. And again. And again. Either time I still couldn't relieve myself. Also between bathroom trips I was doubled over on the desk with my head down moaning and groaning in pain. After about 4-5 trips the teacher reprimanded me saying that I was being disruptive/disrespectful to the class.


Luckily later that day I was finally able to relieve myself and the cramps went away.

30 Cliques
31 Snitches

They can be annoying as well. - Bikerninja1997

32 Strict teachers

This teacher, she would scream at people like a psycho, and would act so rude to me. They even told me to go back and what, walk? No way they can’t talk to me like in 3rd grade, but I did and it just makes you look like a loser. I hated that teacher. I even ran high speed past her and never noticed a thing.

33 Nonsense rules
34 Teachers don't understand the students
35 People tell you shut up often.
36 Gym class gets a lot harder
37 P.E. gets a lot stricter
38 Math

Math is extremely frustrating.

39 Teachers don't believe you
40 Teachers never understand your problems
41 Unforgiving kids
42 It gets tough
43 Students irritate you
44 Immature kids
45 6th graders act like high school or college age
46 6th and 8th Graders are Rivals
47 Annoying Extroverted Teachers Who Want to Help You with Everything

I have a problem with my history teacher because she can’t accept that I’m unorganized and she hates my best friend for no reason.

48 The Stress

It's terrible. I get cramps just thinking about school

49 Perverts

Last 6th grade, my classmates have become huge perverts right after our lesson of the reproductive system last 5th grade. - Lucy1402

50 People tell you to go away often
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