Top Ten Worst Things About 7th Grade

There are few things I'll miss from seventh grade. My friends, and that's about it. So here are the 10 things I hated MOST about this year.

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1 People Are Arrogant

Hell, Even Jet The Hawk From The Sonic Franchise Behaves Better Than Most 7th Graders.

I'm at the end of 6th grade but the people are yet arrogant about everything.

People don't think anybody is good enough for them, they're rude, bully people, and are just plain obnoxious. At least there were a few good friends as well.

In 7th grade, people were more arrogant, rude, flippant, and disrespectful than ever before.

2 Friends Begin to Bail On You

My fake friend decided to ditch me for popularity so now I have no friends in my classes and none of my real friends believe me. I cry every single day because of it, and I'm lowkey depressed bc of her lmao.

They bail on you to get new friends and some of them become too popular to talk to you.

I had a best friend 6th grade, we had many interests. 7th grade November we started barely talking, he made lots of friends but me being an introverted loser I was alone.

Really? I had barely any friends to begin with in elementary school. In middle school I actually was part of a group of friends and we didn't bail on each other (until high school and going to new schools)

3 People Judge By Looks

I'm not what people would consider "pretty", even though my mother always reminds me that I'm beautiful. I'm nice and humorous, which to me is like being beautiful on the inside. However, I know loads of people who only judge others by their looks, not their personalities or attitude. One of my closest (and nicest) friend is on her second boyfriend. They've been going out for a week, and I had to admit that I had the slightest bit of a crush on him, but it's hard not to, since his looks are GODLY. I stopped crushing on him after about two weeks of them dating because I found out he had a terrible personality and attitude and in a months' time, my friend's even planning a breakup

Even some of my friends are like this. One of them in particular is completely boy obsessed, randomly liking a new guy every week because of why? Their looks. She's currently dating someone (she has been dating him for week, and he is her first boyfriend), but it turns out that she likes SOMEONE ELSE because of his LOOKS. Now she wants to break up with her current boyfriend. So yea... That's what I have to deal with.

If your not a tall white skinny or thicc girl who's attractive and only wears crop tops addidas leggings and air force 1s they call you UGLY.

For girls there are the two golden objectives is to: be popular & get the boys. Oh, and if you can't do either of those things THEY WOULD JUST WHINE and sit in front of the mirror pouting. This girl was taking forever to look at herself in the mirror and I was just patiently waiting behind her to wash my hands (I'm a germophobic). I asked her if I could wash my hands and she was like: at least I'm not ugly. This whole category is a big smh.

4 People Are Extremely Immature

The Boys Are MUCH Worse

It was even worse as kids, but seventh grade hit that weird point of "kids trying to be mature but failing miserably".

Albeit, its seventh grade. Be a kid when you're a kid. As stated above, trying to sound grown up isn't very mature either!

How do seventh graders on my bus still think they are the "class clowns" around here?!? What's worse is that they talk about private parts, and I can't stand them playing around and standing up on their bus seats thinking 'Oh my God! Look at me! I'm a flipping god ruling this bus! ' :/

Kids called me a tattletale because a teacher saw a laser pointer, got mad, and asked people to confess and I told the teacher who got the kid in trouble and then praising me for speaking up.

5 Complex Math

I loved my seventh grade year (last year). It was so fun. But I hated the complex math we did, I honestly found surface area harder than polynomials this year.

I used to love math. 7th grade was the last year I could do math without difficulty. It got increasingly harder from that point on. I hate math now.

The math this year was just idiotic... When am I going to need the area of a cone in my lifetime?!

Probably if you become an engineer, which will most likely never happen.

I used to go home almost everyday and cry about math in seventh grade

6 Puberty

Puberty Is An Evil Curse In Reality

In fifth grade my classmates would criticize me off not wearing a bra and my breasts would show through my shirt. Then they got even bigger in sixth grade and I still didn't wear one and when we changed out for gym class I would feel self conscious in the locker room and my breasts would show and jiggle when I ran

It starts at fifth grade. But, as I am going into middle school soon, how much worse could it get?

Oh what we had to go through was worse. In 5th grade we actually took a field trip. Was it for fun with education? Nope it was about puberty. Ugh! It was especially weird with that creepy mannequin and learning about my gender and the male genders's puberties.

Yeah, this tends to throw people for a bit of a loop. Keep your chin up, Mikey, it gets better soon.

7 Work After State Testing

State Testing means the year-end exam. Not a test on states.

Same with me. I get final exams on THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.

That's right-after the state test, I got a HUGE packet from all FOUR of my subjects. You are kidding me...

Finished state testing. They call it end-of-year exams. There are 4 months of school left.

8 Fake Friends

My fake friend ditched me for popularity. She got the rest of the popular girls to send mean texts to me and make me miserable, and no one believes me bc shes nice to everyone else. By nice I mean they like her cause she tells them gossip.

I'm in 7th grade and this 9th grader whenever she sees us she just starts talking to my friend and won't shut up but she's not really our friend one time I even asked her if she likes he that much and she said no and said she was really annoying and hates talking to her

Everybody in 7th and 8th grade is so fake. Almost no one is loyal to you. Don't bother having lots of friends in 7th and 8th grade, they will use you or be fake nice to you.

Even more annoying is when some wierdo won't leave you alone and you have to be a fake friend.

9 Popular Kids

The number one subject is only to be popular. The popular people degrade others by their looks, and sometimes how they dress it's like you can't even be human around them smh. The best thing to do is probably ignore them.

I know, right? I heard a story about a middle school in my area where the popular girls would literally beat up freshmen if they wanted to be in the group. Or if they didn't want to be in the group. I am thankful I don't go there.

It's really annoying when the person you fancy, this is a boy by the way, only likes the girls that are pretty and popular. It doesn't matter that some girls and boys aren't considered pretty, good-looking or popular, it's about their personality.

Never has this been a problem, but then I go into 7th grade, and the only objective is being popular.

10 Bullies

Honestly, where I'm from I could win a metal for the most bullied person. See, I've been bullied for who I am since I was very young, and I'm talking like 2, 3, or 4 years old. Right now I'm in seventh grade and I am a favorite person to bully. My Middle School isn't necessarily the biggest school, but there are a lot of students there. I have many friends and a few close friends, however, I seldom see my friends, and my close friends and I all suffer from the same problem. Everyone judges and picks on us because of who we are, and it just isn't right. I can tell you one thing for sure, bullies aren't just a middle school thing, there a life thing. They're always going to bully you, in any way they can. But remember this, letting the bully win lets them think they can continue to bully you, don't let them win. No matter how much you think that bully is going to destroy you, remember the truth. You are just a tween(or teen) and that bully is just a sad girl(or boy) who lacks attention ...more

Well, yeah. In my school I have heard rumors of the nicest girl in the world to be mean, I don't know what to believe.

Yeah bullies.
I was bullied twice. Once in 4th and once in 5th. I'm in 6th, and I wonder how that will work out. Need some advice for the next year.



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11 8th Graders

I'm in eighth grade and I have to say, I do agree with this statement because some of the eighth graders (mostly the males) think they are sophisticated and all-knowing. It's really annoying, especially if you ride the bus in the morning and in the afternoon. I would usually see guys doing the Water Bottle Challenge while I stare at them blankly thinking 'What has life become? '

The 8th graders at my school call me and the rest of the seventh graders sevys. It gets really annoying some times, like I'll just be walking to the bathroom and someone yells, "SEVY! " But then the coolest teacher in the school started calling the 8th graders eightys and now that's a thing...

They should be #1. I am too popular to be bullied, but the 8th graders are retarded. Three of them think 1+1=7! Most like to tell on me for being a 7th grader, being taller than them, knowing more pi than them, random stuff I didn't do, etc.

They are jerks. And they like to jerk off random stuff. Even more than 7th graders. Even worse, some of them have no grasp of science.

12 Sexism

One day, during gym, me and my friend (boys) ran the whole 1/3 mile track and were outta breath. We saw 10 or so girls sitting down, our gym teacher was talking to them. We sat down since we were exhausted. The gym teacher immediately yells at us: "START DOING SOMETHING, DON'T JUST SIT THERE! ". what!

Teachers suck. I asked a question and my teacher refused to answer. A girl asked the same question (the worst one in the school) and got a free answer. Oh, and this teacher is also almost slapped a kid (my friend) because he asked a question which nobody knew the answer to at THE TIME YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ASK THOSE SORT OF QUESTIONS.

My teachers have this thing against boys, even the guy teacher! I hate 7th grade

Stereotypes, man. Stereotypes.

13 You're Expected to Get Perfect Grades

My parents get mad if I get a B or B+. So far I have all A's.

I just finished 6th grade with straight A's, but everyone is like "ohh, I can't wait for you to be in 7th grade", "finally you'll know what pain is"

Well, one's expected to get perfect grades regardless in 7th grade or 11th grade.

I'm Asian and this is very relatable!

14 Friends Suddenly Dump You

Stares and glares of the hateful faces of 12 year old girls just look at u in disgust. I'm at the point of just looking at myself in the mirrors and falling apart. I hate what everyone thinks of me. Why can't everyone just leave me alone.

This has happened to me with 3 really close friends already and I'm currently friendless.

This place is triggering me

My friends are all in different classes (except one of them is in my homeroom and gym, and another is in my ELA), but they're still my friends

15 Language Arts

I've been having this class since 5th Grade. And I still have this class in 10th Grade, and it's even worse because we get even more quizzes and essays. However, at least I liked the other teachers more than the one I got in 7th grade. I mean, he wasn't bad; he just sounded the most boring.

Every single week I have to do 5 paragraph essays, projects, class work, and much more. In the span of a week this is ridiculous because a 12-13 year old boy/girl shouldn't be doing this. I am also learning poetry when I want to study engineering. I don't see a point in studying LA if I'm doing engineering. When will poetry show up while making a shape?! its pointless and time consuming. I failed 3 tests because I had 5 on one day in Language Arts!

I added this because even though I do well in it it's the most boring subject ever. Most of the kids in my school (including me) hate and/or strongly dislike Language Arts.

It's super subjective. One teacher might think your writing is great and another might think that's terrible.

16 Getting homework on the weekends

Getting homework on the weekends is almost always expected of at least ONE teacher because they give you big assignments and not enough time during the week to finish them, or they load you down with other work that needs to be done by Monday, so you start pulling All-nighters over the weekend just to finish

I once got 2 projects on a 5-day weekends where we could've had some fun.

Not even Hitler deserves that.

I started getting weekend homework in 6th grade

17 Getting an Erection In the Middle of Class

Happens to me every day but why does it matter

Just put your hands in your pockets and kinda point them forward. That should cover it.

That is the worst time to have it.

You just get mortified.

18 Homework

My sister never brings home homework. Either there is none or that's the reason she is failing.

I get hours of homework every weekend.

I am writing this in the middle of doing my 7th grade homework. It sucks! I'm always doing homework by the way

I'm in 6th Grade, and I wonder if 7th Grade is this bad.

19 Everyone makes fun of you

They make fun of you for not having a phone

At our school everyone is kind and people are just being sarcastic if they ever make fun of you


20 Racism

Everyone at my school was so racist about everything and when someone made a joke about it they all laughed. It was so annoying. 7th grade is the worst year ever

My school is full of asians, and their fine, and the like 4 (that's actually how many black kids their are) black kids are fine, but it's telemedicine man. They insult you with words you don't know, their racist to everyone, and if you're going to insult somebody, do it in their own language.

Everyone is racist to be honest

I always hear the n word from one white kid, and I DESPISE him taking my friends away.

21 Tattletales

They tell on you for completely made up stuff. They tell on you for being taller than them, even if they are twice your height, you mention someone, and they they tell on you for gossipping.

Several kids called me a tattletale because I did the right thing once

I agree. I was talking about Alden Smith, the football player. A kid named Alden told on me for gossipping.

6th graders too

22 Pointless History Lessons

Basically, you study for hours, pass a test, forget everything. Everything is school is just basically memory tests.

If I have a history teacher that makes me open my binder and date again and again, why even learn about it?

I have civics instead of history

History sucks.

23 Immature Boys

That has "8th graders" written all over it

Nope I'm a 8th Grader and I'm very Mature 11/14/16

Boys in my grade act like 2nd graders they act so dang flipping stupid like WHADDAHEK

24 Mean Teachers

None of my teachers are mean but I have 2 strict ones

Yess my language teacher always had a bad mouth


My 7th grade homeroom teacher gave me a lunch detention for nothing once >:(

25 Beatings

Yea sure, my 6th grade had 7th graders who acted like those stubborn dogs, but I can't even IMAGINE everyone being like them.

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