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21 Bathrooms

My school's bathrooms have burned out and/or broken lights, the "Boys" and "Girls" signs fell off, the floor is rotten (you can step on dirt in some places), the toilets are broken (not that they won't flush, they are smashed into pieces), no stalls, and no door.

If you have those bathrooms when you pee it echoes out, it will be hell if your fire alarm would ring in that bathroom. I'm pretty sure you would faint or blackout because of the loud volume.

Bathrooms are dirty and not well kept, most of my friends hold it till they go home.

No locks and gays everywhere, why?!?! - EliHbk

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22 Perverted Boys

Trust me, the girls at my school are twice as perverted then the guys. - cosmo

These guys have been around since I have been in the 4th grade

Perverted boys in my school are the people who get good grades.

Tons of them at my school - Cartoonfan202

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23 Locker Room

Worst part of middle school, full of perverted kids and those people who try to flip your lock! - Phillip873

The locker rooms are a place full of gossip

One time a guy snuck into the locker room at my middle school. The girls locker room has these little rooms in it so you can change privately, this particular day I was in the one closest to the door. I heard the door open, I just expected it to be sombody that was late. This kid ran to my stall and took my bra off. I can't go in changerooms anymore.

24 Evil Teachers

They're not evil, just very strict. - cosmo

My math teacher is a jerk and she gives us lots of homework over the weekends.

Yeah my English teacher is evil

The main antagonist are English/ILA teachers. In my class, I got a C just for sloppy spelling. Even my dudes and the girl NEXT to me said it isn't sloppy!

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25 Friends Suddenly Dump You

Stares and glares of the hateful faces of 12 year old girls just look at u in disgust. I'm at the point of just looking at myself in the mirrors and falling apart. I hate what everyone thinks of me. Why can't everyone just leave me alone.

This has happened to me with 3 really close friends already and I'm currently friendless.

My friends are all in different classes (except one of them is in my homeroom and gym, and another is in my ELA), but they're still my friends - Cartoonfan202

In 6th grade I became friends with a pretty, funny, nice girl. We survived math class together and have so many funny memories. It was a blast. But this year she doesn't even want me to sit at the popular table at lunch. She is way more interested in the popular girls than me.😭

26 Jocks and Cheerleaders

These types of persons are just plain annoying! Cheerleaders hang in groups of girls and jocks yell stupid stuff during class! 10/10 would do 7th grade again!

Jocks are guys that think they own the girls when all they own is a backpack and some pencils

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27 Getting an Erection In the Middle of Class

That is the worst time to have it.

Oh god this is bad just love being a boy sometimes. - naFrovivuS

too much

28 Wearing All Black

This is the part where 7th graders say "that's racist" - EliHbk

It's cool

29 People Who Never Shut Up

Certain people, mainly the popular kids, won't stop running their mouths about others. And when they aren't spreading rumors, they are constantly running their mouths in class, which leads to the teacher hating the entire class, which then leads to her giving out extra homework to the entire class, whether you're a straight A student who never gets in trouble or if your're a hooligan who doesn't complete their work and screws around in class

30 Idiots

Like Jordan Burgei

31 Crushes

I am in 7th grade and I feel like I like every boy in the school. I can't stop thinking about one in particular though. I am in love with him and he's perfect for me, but I don't feel comfortable telling him how I feel. I think he's already dating someone...

Only really when random girls (or boys if you're a girl) that you've never seen before ask you out, then you never see them again.

I'm in 7th and my crush, I literally can't stop thinking abt him omo

32 Fake Friends

Even more annoying is when some wierdo won't leave you alone and you have to be a fake friend.

This happends a lot


33 Gross School Food

They melt plastic on their mac-and-cheese, and use poop from the toilets on hamburgers. No joke!

They tell you to eat healthy and only give you like one fruit or vegetable. I pack my own lunch now.

This is any school (except maybe pre-school), but still. - Anonymousxcxc

Your correct! Preschool is the best year for school food. I miss preschool so much... - cosmo

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34 Immature Boys

That has "8th graders" written all over it

Nope I'm a 8th Grader and I'm very Mature 11/14/16

35 Obsession Over Creepypastas Horror Movies Etc

In every 7th Grader it seems to be a trend of Obsessing over Scary stuff. - Aguythatpeopleignores

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37 Keyboarding

No we were allowed to look at the keyboards Also I got really good and fast typing skills I mean I could type nearly ANY key without looking and know where they all are And I typed this whole thing without looking too the only keys I don't know are the F# and the ones to the right expect the arrow keys (Also I can type with my eyes closed Fun Fact: Everything In () I typed with my eyes closed it rlly helps! ) - lol2016

Seriously, what kind of class is this? This has to be one of the most worthless classes ever.

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38 New Kids
39 Cursing and Porn

Cursing is fun. It makes me feel more grown up because little kids aren't supposed to curse

Both aren't popular, cursing is me though - EliHbk

I hate cursing.

40 Mean Teachers

My English and art teacher were so mean in 7th grade. - doodie

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