Top Ten Worst Things About Adolf Hitler


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1 He is responsible for the Holocaust

He was responsible for millions of innocent souls

6 million innocent people died from him

11 million died and six million of those were Jews..

I am not Jewish but this was still insane. - Therandom

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2 He captured many countries

He took over good countries like France and Poland. - Therandom

3 Italy and Japan helped him

I have nothing against those countries or Germany but there leaders were dumb. - Therandom

This reason is idiotic and what so bad about countries helping a another country? - CerealGuy

He's so weak that he actually need other countries to help? - SamuiNeko

4 He wasn't captured

He got the easy way out. - Therandom

5 He is supposedly in limbo

He should be in Hell. But God forgives all except Satan and his original followers. - Therandom

6 He thought the only perfect race was Aryan

He didn't have blonde hair either. - Therandom

Yes we are the perfect race

Hitler recruited Muslims,Africans & several other races in the SS
EDIT:in fact he supported Palestine independence and respected muslim's unlike today - CerealGuy

7 He persecuted Catholics in Rome

I am Catholic and I hate this. - Therandom

8 A few people support him today

They're called neo Nazis. - Therandom

Why would anyone support Hitler? Only for Godwins Law, that is... - Pony

9 He wasn't killed by a Jew
10 His mustache

NO gene is best doki his mustache is fine


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11 He's A Coward

He killed himself

12 He was Anti-Semitic
13 He likes Classic Music

Why is it bad for him to like and listen classical music? - CerealGuy

Be sure to watch the movie "the Piano".

14 He caused World War 2

Hitler only wanted the land that the Allies took in WWI plus kicking out Rotschild Banker out of Europe - CerealGuy

15 People won't shut up about him

Yeah, seeing magazines oh and the magazine had a rip on the front cover when I saw it on the shelf.

16 He turned the Swastika into a symbol of hate.

It used to be a good luck symbol

17 He was elected chancellor
18 His political party
19 His hair cut

€�No man can look good with that hair cut” -Alan

20 His accent
21 He is always on history channels
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