Worst Things About Airplanes


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1 Airplane Crash

Never been to one, but I like airplanes. - theDj7121


2 Loud Engines
3 No TV

I always check the in-flight movies online and if they do not suffice, I bring my laptop. Simples. - PositronWildhawk

I bring my tablet - theDj7121

I just bring my 3DS and hope they have a charging port - N64Dude

I'm on a plane with a T.V. now called JetBlue they also have wifi - Ihateschool

4 Sitting to a Stranger

That happened to me me once on a A320 I was in the middle, dad in the left, and a stranger in the window seat - theDj7121

5 Landing

How do pilots even know if the landing gears nearing the ground. - theDj7121

6 Babies Crying

Happened to me on my way to Mexico City. - theDj7121

7 Flights Delayed/Canceled
8 Hijacked Planes
9 Suicide Bombers

Whenever I go on a plane, I think of these questions:
What if the pilot was a suicide bomber?
What if the pilot held the plane hostage and crashed it?
What if a passenger held the plane hostage?
What if someone held the plane hostage and gave us two options : stay in the plane while we crash it or jump out of the plane with no parachute

Those are the things you should think of before you jump on a plane!

10 Being Seated Right Next to the Restroom

The Contenders

11 Small Airplanes

Flying on an crj-200 is so bad! Small and cramped. - Airplanez_crazy

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