Top Ten Worst Things About Allen Gregory


The Top Ten

1 Allen is a brat
2 Allen has Sexual Fantasies about about a woman about 60 years older than him
3 Robert pursued a man with a wife and 2 kids until he dated him, and then treated him like crap.

Oh my god I am an idiot. I just realized his name was Richard and not Robert. - errrr

4 Julia and Jeremy are caring, kind people, but are STILL treated like trash by the people who LIVE WITH THEM

Robert/the dad instantly believes that Allen had sex with a 70' or something year old woman, but needed them to come over to prove that Julie has any friends. - errrr

5 Even with music, fails to make us have any emotion
6 7 year old drinking wine each meal
7 Allen even has 1 friend
8 The animation

Despite allen sounding like he's crying, NO TEARS COME OUT OF HIS EYES - errrr

9 Broke his friend's window and acted like it was the normal thing to do
10 Allen makes up gossip about himself

The Contenders

11 Robert tries to take off a girl's back brace even though he knew she had progressive scoliosis
12 Robert does not care about progressive scoliosis
13 Robert wants his daughter to get rid of their friends because of their looks
14 Allen does not care that his crush who is 70 years older than him is married
15 Allen does not care that his only friend's sister died and he found her corpse
16 Allen does not care that his only friend's sister died
17 Allen does not care about his only friend having a dead sister
18 After his son being bullied, Allen's dad tries to make the school dance gay
19 Allen makes fun of his only friend right to his face
20 Robert is jealous when Jeremy gets any attention
21 Allen is a stalker
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