Top Ten Worst Things About the Amazing World of Gumball


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1 The Characters Are Unlikeable Except for Nicole and Anais

1. The Cliffhanger Ending of the Show

Wrong, **all* of the characters are unlikeable including Nicole and Anais. The watterson family are copy-paste versions of Johnny Test and the Simpsons.

Anais is the most DISlikeable! Gumball and Darwin are better.

This is wrong I think the really unlikable character is billys mom - adventurer

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2 The Fanbase Is Full of People Who Can't Respect Anyone's Negative Opinion

True that - adventurer

3 The Animation Was a Meh


You think using hand drawn animation, puppetry, live action, CGI, clay, pixels, flash animation, paper mosah all mixed into a show is MEH?!

It’s better then anything you can possibly draw and animate.

*airhorn noise

Like you can do any better.

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4 Some Stuff Didn't Make Any Sense Whatsoever
5 The Plots Were Bad and No Thought or Effort Was Put In Some Plots
6 The Jokes Were Garbage

The Ones that involves Gumball losing clothes is the worst jokes ever - RyanMtheGamer

7 No More Epic Episodes

One of my favorite things about this show is how the were able to take a normal situation and escalate it by 1000

Actually, the bus was an epic episode

8 No Character Development
9 After Season 3 the Characters Voices Got Lame and Boring

Gumball and Darwin sounded cool in the begging of "The Kids".After the end,they sound like babies - RyanMtheGamer

10 All of the Characters Got Stupider

No, they got less stupid. - 445956

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11 No Crossovers

The Boredom and The Uncle actually
(The Boredom is the biggest)

Ever heard of "The Uncle"?

Gumball and Regular show whould have been good - RyanMtheGamer

12 The Episodes Could Have Had Some Better Titles
13 Not Many New Characters
14 No Movie

Just wait... - Pokemonfan10

15 Adult Swim Rejected the Show and It Could've Been Better On Adult Swim
16 They Made Anais Smart With No Reason Why
17 The Worst Show On Cartoon Network Ever

Worse than clarence? worse than problem solvers? worse than secret mountain fort awesome? worse than annoying orange? - ihatetrump

18 The Girlfriend episode was made

Only one I can agre with.

... which has a horrible moral: if you are abused in a relationship, do nothing.

19 Where is Gumball's Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins?


20 Johnny Test Rip off
21 It's Too Mean Spirited

Yep it is

22 It's Unfunny

People who think this show is hilarious have NO sense of humor!

23 It's a Ripoff of The Simpsons

That's what I said - RyanMtheGamer

No it's not.

24 People Make Hate Lists About It

Yah_gumball is awsmne_make this no. 1

25 Chowder Rip-Off


26 Everyone Screams or Cries In Every Episode
27 It's Dumb
28 The Fans Think the Show is Better Than Every Other Cartoon Network Show

That show is worse than even Teen Titans GO - RyanMtheGamer

29 The Newer Episodes Sucks
30 Gumball is Unlikable
31 Uncreative Episode Titles
32 Anais is Rude and a Brat
33 Nightmare Fuel Jokes and Scenes
34 Promotes Crappy Stereotypes

1. Punching bag main character
2. Dumb dad, bossy mom, smart ass little sister, dumb best friend.
3. School cliches - AinezoChan

35 Too Relatable and Rips Off Everything (Mostly Memes)

The creators literally expect the poeple to make memes out of the gumball moments, like when Nicole said, “gumball, are you fine? ” Gumball said yeah I’m fine I’m just sleepy. It’s just too relatable, and they portray YouTube videos, memes and even music, replacing them with bad rip offs. Good thing they never ripped off pewdiepie

36 Gumball's clicking when eating something squishy

It's so disgusting!

37 The Nobody Start of Episode Was Bad

Really? Could have a reason to Gumball and Darwin be In home without stupid accuses? I hate the episode Because of the entry

38 Darwin is a Goody Two Shoes

Honestly, he thinks he's better than everyone else while he does bad stuff too. Like, WHAT?

39 They teach kids being fat is good
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1. The Characters Are Unlikeable Except for Nicole and Anais
2. The Fanbase Is Full of People Who Can't Respect Anyone's Negative Opinion
3. The Animation Was a Meh
1. No More Epic Episodes
2. After Season 3 the Characters Voices Got Lame and Boring
3. All of the Characters Got Stupider


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