Worst Things About American Idol

It has to be said. American Idol is doing a lot of things wrong and they need to be addressed.

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1 Change good songs into their own style and make it worse

I want to hear my favorite songs the way it was made, not your stupid original bullcrap. - lukestheman4

You know the "rock"-style covers were not original ("make it your own") but rather past rock covers of songs in the past, right? (e.G. Higher Ground, Billie Jean)

2 The winner is decided by desperate girls with nothing else to do but vote for the hottest guy

The hottest guy from Season 8 was Adam Lambert. He didn't win (lost out to boring Kris Allen who sounds like so many others) Where is Adam now? Touring the world with his own music and fronting for legendary Queen, making millions of dollars in the process. Where is Kris Allen? At the local pub strumming a few uninteresting chords on the guitar.

Its incredibly unfair! Gosh, the whole point of American idol is to find the person with the best voice. Now we can't have that with girls like this. - boeingrules

Couldn't agree more nothing tics me of more than to see a good singer go home and a boy with long hair and an ok voice go through. IT SUCKS! - the-rate-it-guy

Prime Examples: Kris Allen & Scotty McCreary. Neither of them were stand-out singers, but they managed to win because the girl viewers liked a little eye candy every week and wanted a boy who they think is cute to win, even though they will never meet this boy for him to appreciate it.

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3 A commercial comes every 5 minutes
4 Some of the most talented contestants got voted off

Colton Dixon (Season 11), Haley Reinhart (Season 10), Adam Lambert (Season 8), Laksiha Jones (Season 6), Melinda Doolittle (Season 6), Tamyra Gray (Season 1), Kimberley Locke (Season 2), Jennifer Hudson (Season 3) and many more. It's very unfair, they are some of the best voices on IDOL and they didn't even won! Shame on you, IDOL voters.

Colton Dixon was the most amazing and talented contestant in American Idol history and he only got seventh place. -_- - TheStupidHobo

For some odd reason in Season 10, Haley Reinhart placed 3rd when she was better than both Lauren Alaina AND Scotty McCreary, but even further back, Pia Toscano placed 9th (even the judges were angry with that low of a finish) when she was probably the best singer of the group. And for what? For Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone to go up on stage and suck for a few more weeks? Come on, this just doesn't seem right to me.

I agree with you. Lakisha Jones is an example of those contestants.

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5 Paula and Simon left

J-Lo and Steven Tyler will probably be good judges, but Paula and Simon were epic. - lukestheman4

6 Ryan Seacrest is the host

Seriously, he is annoying and creates unnecessary drama/nonsense in this godforsaken show.

7 Only auditions are interesting to watch
8 They brought the save late in the show's history

Doesn't seem fair for the contestents from seasons 1-7 who got voted off for good and contestants from seasons 8-future had a chance. - lukestheman4

9 Only like 3 winners have a career

They choose the worst people to win because you never hear from them after their season on American idol. There is only three people that made it big time. They are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry.

They do have careers but they all suck. What does that say about the rejects?

Sorta Sucks! Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Kris Allen - lassidoggy

10 It's boring

I hate your Music, I'm Gonna ignore You thanks A lot! You're not Incredible, you're Not cool adios.

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11 Most of the contestants can't sing

Only a few contestants can sing very well.

12 Everyone is emotional V 4 Comments
13 Nicki Minaj becomes a judge on the show

This is where the show finally jumped the shark.

14 They do nothing badass

All the contestants, during and after the show, sing songs with nothing hardcore in the lyrics or tone of music, its all boring classical pop junk about relationships. - lukestheman4

15 Started allowing instruments

In the first six seasons, we had a lot of diverse winners, like Taylor Hicks, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. Now that they started allowing instruments, the winner has since been a while guy with a guitar.

16 Infiltrate subpar music into the industry

As long as this stream of manufactured music from this insipid show continues, we will never have a daring/remarkable music artist on our hands again.

17 We're all so negative and dissatisfied that we have to complain more

American Idol ruined music, how's that?

We're not saying we hate the show. The show just has flaws.

The heck is this?

The show has always been full of talented people and a lot of replay value, so just be satisfied instead of complaining about bs that's either minuscule or not true.

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19 Bad auditions

That's the point. The bad auditions are suppose to be funny! They aren't very often so it wouldn't kill you to not take it so seriously!

20 The music from this show sucks

Millions of Americans supporting mediocrity by buying their albums en masse...

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