Top 10 Worst Things About the American Right

Personally I'm a centrist who takes concepts from different ideologies, so if you think I'm here trying to defend the left, I'm not. A lot of lists here have pointed out obvious problems with the American left, but less have pointed out the equally flawed Republican side. So I'm making this list. Note: this does not refer to all American rightists, just the general cliché right.
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1 Wanting to expand the military when the US is already the most powerful country in the world

I agree, I don't think the military needs anymore expanding, but this comment about us "terrorizing" other countries is absolutely wrong. You're saying basically we were wrong for trying to help them. You're saying it's our fault 9-11 happened, not the Islamic Terrorist. It's not our fault it's dangerous to go to the Middle East. This has been happening since the Crusades. That area has always been dangerous. Apparently we are wrong for trying to help. Plus the terrorist attacks still would've happened. There's been attacks in France, Great Britain, Israel, Syria, and of course the US. You can't blame Terrorism on us.

I have pretty much nothing to say about this whole list, except that it is pretty much true. I mean, I am probably the person that is the most left in thetoptens (unless there is a communist or anarchist on this site that I don't know about) so of course I would agree. Of course, there are flaws with the left side, but compare to the right... yeah.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. Had the United States been minding its own business and not invading other countries to implement "freedom", they'd still be safe countries to travel to.

We could have withdrawn our troops from Afghanistan a long time ago, but these neoconservatives are creating these endless and unnecessary wars.

2 Complaining about the left's hypocrisy whereas they bear just as much of it

For example, they hate the left for abortion because it's murder, yet glorify the easiest weapon to kill with, and expensive as heck healthcare that prevents the poor from getting treatment. And complaining about white oppression while at the same time oppressing blacks

Both sides are hypocritical

Both sides are equally biased and hypocritical it’s time they finally own up to it

'democrat governors free citizens'

doesn't mention the red state protests

3 Believing anything remotely left is Communism, even if it's more effective

Taxing, social democracy, free healthcare, acceptance, et cetera.

Yeah there are some that do this.

'joe biden is communist'

bruh he's not I can tell you that

It’s no wonder so many communists and socialists say “it wasn’t real communism/socialism.”

4 Complaining about abortion but being ok with loose gun laws

Both of these two are huge killers, which one side supports, and another hates. It's pretty disgusting honestly. And I'll go as far as saying loose gun laws is much worse than abortion. What if the person was raped for example? Loose gun laws on the other hand, lead to anyone being able to buy a dangerous gun, as easy as possible, and then shoot up whoever they desire. And yes, I know if they were banned, they'd still sell guns on the black market, but it's still not as risky as anyone being able to buy a gun on Walmart. But at least put heavier regulations!

I agree with piez on life beginning on birth. I also agree that guns don't kill people, people kill people. I'm not saying continue to let everyone in the U.S. go willy nilly with arms, but at least give some education about them if you're gonna treat the ownership as a right.

life begins at birth

also why do people need guns anyway to shoot some deer for trophy hunting

That is because Abortion is morally wrong. The only reasons to abort is because the mother's life is in danger and maybe rape. The child also has a right to life. With guns I believe you shouldn't be aloud to carry around a AR-15, but honestly if you ban the weapons, then terrorist attacks are still going to happen. Plus terrorist attacks have been prevented, because of a person having a gun. Plus having a gun is a constitutional given right.

5 Racism

This is over exaggerated by people that have never lived in the South. If you go to the south, the large majority of people are very kind to people of color. A very small minority of people are truly racist. Also not supporting Black Lives Matter (the organization) does not make you a racist.

We're living in the 21st century, yet in "the land of the free", racism is one of the country's biggest problems, and most specifically in the republican south. Again, sometimes I can't help but wonder if these people are just trying to be as "anti-democrat" as possible.

Only a small amount of them are actually racist. Here’s the thing I support the idea of the BLM movement I think they should stop police brutality and discrimination but I don’t support the groups behind it Antifa burns down buildings and destroys things for no reason. BLM says they care about black lives but in reality they only care when it’s a white person or police officer committing a crime. Where are they when it’s a black man committing the crime?

Racism is a thing that should've been abandoned forever ago. People are people, lets get over it!

6 Bringing religion into politics

Religion is simply the #1 problem of America these days and it's mainly why I have a problem with America. It's even worse due to the fact I live in the deep south and I abhor on where I live at. Religion is over their boundaries and has expanded much enough territory in this country. Instead, Science should ultimately triumph over Religion.

Specifically, christianity. Religion is not science, and should not be in power of a nation. It's also that which I believe causes most rightists in the US to be so bigoted and old-school towards immigrants, LGBT, etc.

also forgot to mention that they think the constitution is still perfect (its not, as shown by guns and slavery, should be be free to have bombs if they can have guns by that logic)

7 Arrogance

A lot of american rightists and republicans in general seem to have this obsession with "owning the libtards" and acting like all liberals are super stupid on every level, to feel better about themselves. Even though they're just as wrong as the liberals.

This Kinda applies to both although it’s more common on the Right side

'liberals are stupid'

trump: coronavirus is a HOAX it will be ended through easter by 'miracles'

8 Bandwagoning

A problem the left suffers from too, but the right aren't cleared of that either.

Both sides do this

eh not really an issue a party needs to agree on some things

9 Selfishness

They are out to enrich themselves and their rich donors, and that is all there is to it. They simply do not have the best interests of the working family or the working man or the poor, huddled masses in mind. They have no principles whatsoever, no morals, and are only there because it's a powerful position.

Look no further than the racism, arrogance and expensive healthcare and you get my point.

Both sides are selfish and want to push their agenda

Everyone is selfish to an extent.

10 Acting like taxes are the worst thing ever

I'm pretty sure money isn't everything you need. Look at Scandinavia, we have big taxes yet we're not only happy countries, but also happier than the US.

Well they are a good thing However here’s the problem when the government hands out food stamps or whatever then they just tax people more. That’s why “free” healthcare and “free” education don’t actually exist. The right believes you should work hard and earn money. Why should we have to be punished by taxes just so people can be lazy and live off the government? That’s just my 2 cents though

No. It's just when the taxes go towards things I don't stand for.

They’re actually good just as long as they don’t tax too much

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11 Believing English is the most important language in the world

The most important language in the world is debatable. When I visit a country whose inhabitants don't speak English, I try to learn some of their language before I travel there. I don't expect them to speak English - that's arrogance - and they really appreciate it if you make the effort to converse in their language.

Um that's, because we live in America. In America you are expected to speak English. It's not illegal to speak another language, but you should be able to speak a little English. I understand that if I go to another country, why can't you?

"Bienvenido a McDonalds, ¿en qué puedo ayudarlo?"

"Sorry I don't speak Despacito"

12 Supporting the coal industry

Renewable Energy 4 life

13 Supporting separation of kids and parents at border
14 Hating education
15 Not fighting corrupt governments
16 Only caring about the debt when there's a Democrat president

When Obama was in office, they were crying about the debt posed by him. What happens when we elect a Republican president in the next few years? Not a damn thing.

17 Hating public transit
18 Not supporting free healthcare

Like dude seriously? Sure maybe the healthcare is advanced in the US, but what's an advanced healthcare system for when no one can afford it? Do they realise how expensive the healthcare bills are?

Because free healthcare doesn’t actually exist. That’s not how the world works someone has to pay the doctors someone has to pay for the medical equipment and the medicine. This also applies to free education as well. Nothing is actually “free”

19 Thinking that poor people don't work
20 Thinking everyone with a job is middle class or rich
21 Thinking the rich paying taxes for healthcare is communism or socialism
22 Not getting that gun control means less shooting
23 Not realising they are pro-birth
24 Not getting that gun control means less or no school shooting
25 Not realising the Constitution is outdated
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