Top 10 Worst Things About Amusement Parks

We love them all but places like six flags,sea world, disney world have bad points

The Top Ten

1 Long lines Long lines

I want to get on the ride, Not wait 6 hours for it - Adventurur2

Most theme park rides have the longest lines being 4 hours, only Disney's Flight of Passage was 6 hours to wait. - Gregory

2 The smell of sweat The smell of sweat

Well its hot out, But still - Adventurur2

3 People pushing and shoving People pushing and shoving

Cause of the crowds people trample each other half to death - Adventurur2

4 The prizes The prizes

It's a soft toy not stuffed animals. Stuffed animal is a dead animal that has been stuffed with material and is used as an ornaments, you see them in museums.

Its either stuffed animals or some ring that lights up - Adventurur2

5 Screaming children

Especially babies.

6 The rollercoasters are unsafe

When you think about it lots of deaths happen on rollercoasters - Adventurur2

No. The roller coasters are very safe. you have a far more likely chance of dying on your way to/from the park and are more likely to die while fishing, get hit by lighting, and even get into a plane crash than die on a roller coaster.
Now they say you should be in good health and meet the height requirement, and that's why they have those warning signs at the entrance of each ride.
The chance of getting into a car accident is 1 in 6000
The chance of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 1,500,000
The chance of getting into a plane crash is 1 in 100,000,000
The chance of dying on a roller coaster is 1 in 1,500,000,000.
Roller coasters are extremely safe.

7 The employees

They act like they hate their job - Adventurur2

8 The food The food

Its like a mcdonalds - Adventurur2

9 Sitting waiting for a show

Sea world in a - Adventurur2

10 The rides that shut down

Merry-go-rounds always shut down - Adventurur2

The Contenders

11 Getting Sick

Barfing - Adventurur2

Well don’t go on the crazy rides if you’re prone to getting sick.
That’s one of the reasons they have those warning signs in front of the fast rides. - Gregory

12 The prices

At the stands its like $200 - Adventurur2

From my experiences:

Disneyland admission: $100
Dorney Park admission: $40
Six Flags Great Adventure's admission: $60
Hersheypark admission: $40

Even though I used discount coupons at Dorney, Hershey, and Great Adventure, the price is $30.

Good thing that the boardwalk amusement parks that I've been to (Casino Pier, Santa Cruz, Pacific Park, Gillian's, Playland's Castaway Cove, Trimper's, Morey's Piers, and Steel Pier) have free admission.

13 Unfair games
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