Top 10 Worst Things About Amusement Parks

We love them all but places like six flags,sea world, disney world have bad points

The Top Ten

1 Long lines Long lines

Steel vengeance in a nutshell

I want to get on the ride, Not wait 6 hours for it - Adventurur2

2 People pushing and shoving People pushing and shoving

Cause of the crowds people trample each other half to death - Adventurur2

3 The smell of sweat The smell of sweat

Well its hot out, But still - Adventurur2

4 Screaming children

Especially babies.

5 The rollercoasters are unsafe

Are you the most GP person in the world? You put yourself at risk from driving to the amusement park than riding the roller coaster. - coasterjunkie196

They are actually very safe. Malfunctions, injuries, and deaths do occur, but they're rare.

My mom thinks that all roller coasters at Six Flags parks can kill me.


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6 The prizes The prizes

I like the claw machines

It's a soft toy not stuffed animals. Stuffed animal is a dead animal that has been stuffed with material and is used as an ornaments, you see them in museums.

Its either stuffed animals or some ring that lights up - Adventurur2

7 Getting stuck on rides

Once my dad and I got stuck on Steel Force at Dorney Park. It was on the lift hill. It only lasted a minute before it was running again.

8 Sitting waiting for a show

Sea world in a - Adventurur2

9 Line jumping
10 The employees

They act like they hate their job - Adventurur2

The Contenders

11 The food The food

Dominos in a nut

Its like a mcdonalds - Adventurur2

12 Unfair games

Arcade games are basically gambling for little kids. Also once my cousin and I played this stacking game that looked super easy. (We played it because the prize was an iPod Touch) we were confident that we were gonna win but then the blocks HAD to fall on the last second...

13 The prices

From my experiences:

Disneyland admission: $100
Dorney Park admission: $40
Six Flags Great Adventure's admission: $60
Hersheypark admission: $40

Even though I used discount coupons at Dorney, Hershey, and Great Adventure, the price is $30.

Good thing that the boardwalk amusement parks that I've been to (Casino Pier, Santa Cruz, Pacific Park, Gillian's, Playland's Castaway Cove, Trimper's, Morey's Piers, and Steel Pier) have free admission.

At the stands its like $200 - Adventurur2

14 When it rains

When I went to Disney World, it rained once. We were at Animal Kingdom and it started raining and we ran into a theater.

Also another time we were at Steel Pier (in Atlantic City, NJ) and there was a HUGE downpour with wind that temporarily shut down the entire pier.

15 The rides that shut down

Merry-go-rounds always shut down - Adventurur2

16 Getting Sick

Barfing - Adventurur2

Well don’t go on the crazy rides if you’re prone to getting sick.
That’s one of the reasons they have those warning signs in front of the fast rides. - Gregory

17 Your Face on Ride Photos

Very awkward

18 It is so hot

Sometimes even sunscreen doesn't work. I got a sunburn on my leg at Hurricane Harbor in NJ and a heat rash at Disneyland.

19 Being too tall for a ride

Being too small is one thing, but being too tall can really suck sometimes

20 Assigned seats
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