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1 She wears dresses

Dresses suck anyways. Also, Amy Rose deserves to wear a tube top & a miniskirt like in Amy Rose: 2020. However, her legs will be too wide for her skirt as well as she will be too busty for her tube top. Amy Rose will be also with a thin rib cage. She will have a hard, feminine body. Amy Rose's dreadlocks will actually be brown despite her pink fur.

Sonic girls don't relay have to wear clothes. Its just that they want too. I mean look at Sally Acorn. She doesn't have any clothes on, other that a jacket. Now if girls were to wear only a jacket, they would be covering themselves up, but as for animal girls, especially Sonic girls, they don't have to wear clothes, they just want to. If they didn't wear clothes, they wouldn't have any private parts, it would all be hair.

Sorry, but this is a dumb reason. A lot of people wear dresses. - RalphBob

Her dress is pretty bad enough than princess peach or daisy right Sagong yeah it’s the worst dress ever seen on Mobius

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2 She Wore Her Dress When Playing Baseball

What?! She did that in 10th episode of Sonic X! WHY?! WHY?! She was supposed to wear a RESPECTIVE baseball attire. Or she shall go in a bikini.

Stop talking about Sonic (whatever) should be replaced by Mario/PAC-Man/Mega Man (whatever). It's off topic. Please keep it on topic. - EspioTheChameleon

We saw the skirt of Amy Rose's dress was underneath her baseball Jersey! ):(

Let's tell Yuji Naka, Sega & Sonic Team & even Nintendo about this. This isn't medieval times, Amy Rose.

Seriously? This is the dumbest thing I've ever read -_- - 1pink2red

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3 She is better off as Sonic's little sister

Seriously, they have the same eyes. They have the same head (but with fair changes), they have the same eyes, they have the same size, they have the same skin color, they have the same foot size, etc. Amy Rose is supposed to be Sonic the Hedgehog's sister. Both have bad tempers, also.

That's true. Amy Rose was supposed to be Sonic's sister, even at the first place out of the Sonic Underground series.

How come people don't get this comment?!


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4 Her obsession with Sonic

She's a 12 year old girl who is obsessed with a 15 year old teenage boy. I don't know. It just seems weird to me (I guess this makes me a hypocrite cause my ex girlfriend is 2 years younger than me)

This is why Team Rose in Sonic Heroes is so bad. Big the cat is handicapped, cream is still a child, and all Amy cares about is Sonic.

She is mature now in sonic boom

I hope Amy Rose gets cancer and dies!

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5 She spends her time with girls (having rivalries with them, being best friends with them, interacting with them, knowing them)

Amy Rose shouldn't have girls as female rivals & greatest friends anyway! Also, Amy Rose's future best friend is Axel Chains (who could actually rival Batman & Batgirl whilst facing the Joker by becoming Batboy). Also, Inky the cyan ghost would be the best boyfriend for Amy Rose, NOT Sonic the Hedgehog who is (besides being like a big brother to her) possibly forced to become a pedophile by Amy Rose herself.

Amy Rose is better off with male rivals such as Luigi, Larry Koopa (her future arch-rival), Waluigi, Donald Duck (who could be better at Piko Piko hammer skills than Amy Rose), Donkey Kong, Annoying Orange, King Bowser Koopa, Blinky the red ghost, etc.

6 Her legs aren't thick & feminine enough

Amy Rose's legs are either pink-haired, pink-skinned, pink-painted or pink for other reasons. And at the same time as they are the legs of a stick figure, they are thick and feminine, like a real adult girl's. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who has created this list a quarter-decade ago so bugger's list about hating Amy Rose does not have a point in existing, even though its reasons could be put on this original list.

Amy Rose's legs aren't suppsed to be thin in general anyway, nor average width, but Amy Rose does deserve to be in healthy shape & maybe Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Austin Mahone, Mitchell Kuester & the more ordinary (yet becoming more famous) Harrison Stark will have a fierce battle (yet it's friendly) over who gets to voice Amy Rose.

I, the creator of this list was definitely horny when creating this list for sure.

She will be soon

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7 Her 2-D appearances

Jesus, they're so scary! Why do people like Amy's 2-D appearances actually by Sega/Nintendo/Capcom/Archie Comics? They're not good. Besides, they sure make Amy Rose look scary & stupid. Also, Amy Rose has the same role as Birdo, not the overrated, barely beautiful Princess Peach (whom Princess Elise the Third plays the role of).

Why does anyone keep using her in music videos anyway?!

Which is one big reason why Classic Sonic beats Dreamcast Sonic & Modern Sonic.

This should be at least top 2! Also, Amy Rose is such a jackass all the time whereas she'd have to face ME with Luigi's Piko-Piko Hammer.

Luigi: Piko-Piko.

Amy Rose: what?!

Luigi: Hmm. *speaks Italian like in Superstar Saga*

Amy Rose: I have the Ultra Hammer! *slams her Ultra Hammer on Luigi's foot*

Luigi: NO! *cries like in the Mario & Luigi RPG series*.

8 She talks a lot

Waited for this one lol

9 Amy never wears her hair up

Because her hair is too short, idiots.

So what if she doesn't wear her hair up! Plus Amy has short hair she probably wants to but can't. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

10 Her Piko-Piko Hammer

I'm a fan of Amy, but this I agree. Her curling up in her ball is better than Amy rose using her hammer at lesast she can fight back better. Plus sega weren't so strict to not let her ball up she wouldn't have gotten captured in shattered crystal she could've rolled away, but I really like her still.

Imagine Donald Duck & Thor Odinson with a Piko Piko Hammer.

Also, here's a reason why Amy Rose uses her Piko Piko Hammer constantly. It's actually because Amy Rose is weaker & slower than other characters in possession.

First, off the correct name is spin dash. Second off you don't see tails or rouge doing it. Even the other hedgehogs don't spin dash such as Silver. Also each character has their own ability such as Blaze and her fire power. Amy's ability is the Piko-Piko hammer, in which she trained hard to earn. So please don't hate appreciate. One more thing SHUT your MOUTH!

Sonic adventure 2 battle,Sonic dash,Sonic advance 2 and 3.Amy rose can spindash so your point invalid.

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11 She's extremely annoying

Why does she sound terrible in Sonic X?!

Amy Rose sounds like a female Wendy Whiner version of Donald Duck.

Why does she sound like minnie mouse from mickey

Amy Rose sure behaves like Donald Duck.

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12 Her best friend is Cream the Rabbit

So? Your point is?

My point is that it is done sexist because how Amy Rose's best friend is Cream the Rabbit is the female version of how Sonic & Tails are close as siblings. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who finally got the ability to explain.

Cream is better off being a leader of her own pack for my reasons. in my opinion I can easily say that Cream is tired of being a sidekick and she wants to be a powerful hero in order to impress Amy and all of her friends.

Cream, you should run.

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13 She's bossy

I have no care if Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Vector are bossy or not, but Amy Rose is ripping off more critical characters every day!

Sonic and Tails shouldn't have to listen to her. She is seriously one of my least favorite fictional characters. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This should be #1!

"Sonic is my boyfriend even if he doesn't say so! "

Shut up

She is very bossy

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14 Amy Rose is cowardly

You heard me! Amy Rose just gets scared, does nothing & doesn't do the right thing sometimes. what?! Amy Rose: The female, red animal version of Luigi.

Don't you mean pink and Sticks The Badger is more cowardly than Amy and I could imagine Sticks jumping into Amy's arms Scooby Doo style because they are both cowards like Jar Jar Binks

She isn't a coward she uses her Piko Piko Hammer to destroy her enemies.

The prolem is that he's NOT cowardly! She doesn't know when to quit! She just chases after Sonic and gets into trouble. At least Princess p-each knows when to back down! ROGHT?!? She doesn't try to fight Bowser because she knows that Bowser is so much more powerful than her and that Mario will probably save her anyway! - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 Her Modern Amy design

Modern Amy Rose is the definition of the Modern Era of Sonic the Hedgehog being way more overrated than the Classic Era of Sonic.

16 Her exentsive voice acting

The whole Mario franchise should have extensive voice acting & etc too.

Also, Amy Rose's main rival in Pac-Man Kung Fu Tournament/Mario Power Karate/Sonic Super Tae Kwon Do/Mega Man Judo Strikers in the Mario series will be Luigi (in the Mario series), her main rival in the Mega Man franchise being Roll Light (with her Mega Man: Battle Network hair rather than her original/Archie Comics hair with more of a healthy, distinct pear figure & a height of 5'8" yet she is still Mega Man's younger sister in adult years) & in the Pac-Man franchise Blinky will be Amy Rose's main rival.

17 Her Quotes
18 She needs to get back to becoming a tomboy

I liked it better when she was that way... Sigh

19 She is a ripoff of Princess Peach

Except she is short tempered and unoriginal. - HeavyDonkeyKong

20 She is Like a "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" character.

She is so similar to Veruca Salt, Princess Peach, Donald Duck & Kootie Pie Koopa in temper.

She sounds like Angelica,Donald,Peach,Daisy,Veruca Salt,Princess Morbucks,D.W Reed,Megan Parker,Caillou,and Kootie Pie Koopa throwing the biggest temper tantrum ever

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