Top 10 Worst Things About Android Phones

Vote the things you most hate about Android phones.

The Top Ten

1 Inconsistent implementationsĀ 

Buying an Android phone is always a random adventure and you can't be sure you will have a good experience. - Jukass

Very inconsistent. I just wanna gut them alive

2 Limited updates

Unless you got a Pixel or Nexus phone, your phone will be updated no more than 2 times. - Jukass

3 Gets slower as you use it

Ok, if you have a expensive flagship, it may take longer to happen. But admit, it will happen sooner or later to every Android phone. - Jukass

Always... U have to wait

4 Poor security

Android malware list keeps increasing day after day. And the worst part of it, there are infected apps even inside Play Store. Absurd. - Jukass

5 Huge hardware usage

Everybody knows that you can't simple comparing Android phone specs to iPhone specs. Android needs much much more hardware to work as fluid as iPhone. - Jukass

6 Slow camera

Android phones can have amazing cameras like Samsung and Sony, but they works smoothly only at the beginning. After using the phone for some time, the camera gets slower and slower. - Jukass

7 App crashing and force stoppingĀ 

I don't need to say anything. It happens very often. - Jukass

8 Allows advertising

As you may know, Google is very deficient to set rules and regulations about advertisement inside Apps. The results you know: advertisement everywhere, videos popping up on the screen... - Jukass

9 Android is awesome

Android is a LOT better than Apple. APPLE SUCKS!

10 Bugs in stable releases

Google seems like did a better job with Pixel Phone, because Nexus phones used to receive such a messy full of bug releases.
Now I know that the brand customization over Android is to fix the huge amount of bugs. - Jukass

The Contenders

11 No innovation

The truth must be said.
In the last years Apple has innovated the phone market several times. Capacitive multi-touch screen, fingerprint, 3d touch, Siri, mirroring...

What exactly Android has innovated to Apple copy...? - Jukass

12 Gets the newest apps later than iOS
13 Screen overlay issue

I just wanna punch google employees in the face and burn there company down

14 Android copies from Apple
15 Can't connect to Apple computers
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