Worst Things About Animal Lovers


The Top Ten

1 They keep complaining that humanity should be extinct

If humanity were extinct, the how would they protect the animals? I can tell this list is just here to complain. - RedTheGremlin

I can tell all the comments you left are just to complain as well - pupcatdog

RedTheGremlin you are so whiny, have you heard of an opinion before?

Even though without us, with all of our dams, bridges, power plants, etc. would collapse, some domestic animals won't be able to survive in the wild, food would spoil, power lines would go down and tangle creatures and stuff in them, all of our junk like plastic would pollute water, and basically the world would be doomed. - LordDovahkiin

2 They keep boasting about how much they saved animals

No we don't. It's the deed that counts, not the bragging rights. - RedTheGremlin

3 They blame humans if a species went extinct, even if it isn't their fault

Not always, but it kind of is. We do destroy their homes, so... - RedTheGremlin

4 They're really rude

How are we rude? This list is rude. - RedTheGremlin

5 They just spend time complaining instead of actually helping animals

Not true. - RedTheGremlin

6 Their pointless arguments

How is saving God's creatures a pointless argument? - RedTheGremlin

7 Animals like cats kill other creatures and they don't even care

Excuse me? That's untrue as well. All animals are equal and all are great, but I guess you didn't know that, did you? - RedTheGremlin

8 Their oc's are horrible

No, they're not. That's stereotypical. - RedTheGremlin

9 When they pretend to be an animal

That's called "little kids" and they don't know any better! - RedTheGremlin

10 They usually have too many pets

I have a lot of pets, so that's bad? I take care of my pets. It's not quantity, it's quality. And my pets have both. I consider this list very rude indeed. - RedTheGremlin

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