Top Ten Worst Things About the Anime Fanbase

As much as I love anime, the fanbase really does ruin it for me. Especially when they shove opinions down others throats and send death threats. Just remember this list wasn't meant to offend anyone. I am just criticizing some anime fans to grow up so they can improve and I am also pointing some of the flaws the anime fanbase has that's all. Also some anime fans really can be a pain in the butt at times and they bug me a lot at times. In fact, pretty much every single fanbase bugs me to be honest...

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1 They sometimes harass on the creators of some of the anime shows

This has happened to many different anime creators, such as Tsugumi Ohba who made death note got harassed because he killed off a certain character, Hideaki Anno who made Neon genesis Evangalion had his property vandalised and people were actually sad about how he ended the franchise and Tite Kubo who made Bleach even shut down his own twitter account but came back, but however barley comes back online anymore. You possibly know why some anime creators are doing this, mainly because of the insane fanbase harassing those creators for stupid reasons. Also they even told the writer of Bleach that he should be fired, never make another anime nor write another manga ever again and should be homeless on the streets. Man that is absolutely hypocritical and mean spirited. Just because some anime creators slowly declined some of the anime they made, does not mean they deserve to be harassed like this at all whatsoever.

2 They shove opinions down other people's throats

Did someone say Ichiruki tards?

An opinion.
An opinion - iliekpiez

Okay as much as I love anime and I know a lot of other people who love anime as well a lot and all, but what I would not have is crazy weeaboo fanbases shoving opinions down other people's throats, who either have different opinions or just don't like anime. Look, if you have an opinion and if you absolutely adore anime, that's fine, but constantly acting like an obnoxious SJW weeaboo towards other people who don't like anime or have different opinions is just plain obnoxious and rude.

3 Their obsession over anime can get annoying

Its okay to be a hard core anime fan and I see nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes consistently talking about anime and anime only, yelling at people who don't like anime and bashing on American cartoons can get really infuriating. I maybe an anime fan, but not a die hard one. I am just a casual anime fan who loves both anime and cartoons but that's just my opinion. No offense if you have a different opinion, but sometimes, some anime fans really do need to calm down.

I certainly agree. Anime fans needs to respect other peoples opinions towards the liking of the graphical type of cartoons. Fans like anime, but some of them don't, which they have to respect it somehow. - yamionthetrap

4 They sometimes spread false information online

I think people really do need to stop spreading information online and for one of the reasons is, sometimes people who don't even watch anime, start hating on anime, due to that person, spreading false information online about it. Also sometimes people who don't watch anime, hate on anime and think all anime is perverted because of the fact that hentai got popular. Guys just ignore the fact that their is hentai(A.k.a: Anime porn), because heck, even some anime isn't even hentai at all nor yuri nor yaoi.

5 They call other people homophobic because they don't like a certain Yaoi/Yuri ship

How insulted. I mean, I don't like Yaoi, I prefer Yuri ships on Anime, but I don't call the characters or the creators homophobic just because we decline the ship of the characters from different sexual orientations. Anime have sometimes LQBT content which is something we didn't expect to hear, but we have to respect the creator's decision on the LQBT moment of the characters. It's not cool to insult creators for that. - yamionthetrap

Seriously? That is just insulting! Just because you don't like a certain anime nor a certain ship, you get called homophobic? Also the creator of Tokyo ghoul manga made a scene where Kaneki and Touka did the deed and some of the fans than overreacted and decided to burn their mangas because they wanted Keneki to be with hide. "Face palms". Seriously? Just because somebody doesn't like a certain Yaoi or Yuri ship doesn't mean you have to call the ship haters (who have opinions), homophobic. Man those hypocritical Yaoi/yuri shippers really do need to grow up!

6 They sometimes force their ships to become canon

This really drives me up the wall. Anime ship wars are really toxic, can get out of hand and certain anime fans can actually attack other people for having different opinions on a certain ship. Heck they even for the most part, some of those ships aren't even canon at all and you get harassed if you don't agree with them. Dear anime fans: If a certain ship is canon, than big deal, just accept the fact it is canon and move on, but if you don't like it, just leave the fandom, do something productive and move on.

7 They attack other people who don't like a certain anime nor a certain anime ship

Its okay to have different opinions, on an anime and a ship, but opinion disrespecting and starting internet wars over not liking a certain anime nor a certain ship is so annoying as heck! Just stop arguing and calm down already please.

8 Perverted fans

I hate perverted anime so much! Look as much as I love anime, I don't see any reason to like hentai whatsoever because it really is disgusting garbage. Opinion respecting is important but still I don't get why some anime fans obsess over anime porn such as "cough" "cough" Boku no pico and they post images online such as rule 34 images of their anime waifus, with big boobs and oh boy, don't get me started on rule 34 anime fanart. It really is perverted.

9 They send death threats

Anime fans actually really do need to stop sending death threats. In fact, just because someone doesn't like a certain anime nor anime movie doesn't give anyone the right to send death threats to the creators or voice actors of the anime. That mainly happens online when a certain character dies, ships are changed, stories are different, etc. Heck even the creator of 2017's death note movie deleted his twitter account, because he has received lots of death threats. Just because you don't like a certain anime nor a live action movie, doesn't give you the right to send death threats.

10 Weeaboos

Weeaboos are so annoying. In fact, I don't know why some people in my class keep calling me a weeb just because I love anime. As much as I love anime, doesn't mean I like weebs. Weeaboos really are ruining the anime fanbase, for not just me but other people as well and also they sometimes act like obnoxious SJWs just because other people have different opinions and they overreact way too much. Okay, I understand your passion for anime, but shoving it in other people's faces and acting like a hypersensitive and annoying weeb towards anime haters is just plain annoying.

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11 Sex-crazed fans
12 Anti-Amourshippers

Gee, I wonder who added this? - yamionthetrap

13 The shippings

I honestly find it really annoying when people do this with not just anime characters, but any character or people in general. It’s made a ton of my favourite movies, games and even shows look so cheesy. - 3DG20

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