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41 Anna's a disgusting slob

Anna's bed head and drooling is so disgusting that it makes me want to hurl, puke and throw up all over Anna. I kid you not, women like Anna are going to be forever alone.

42 They're gullible
43 They're boneheads
44 Unrealistic, unhealthy sisterly relationship

Man, I'd rather like the idea of Anna and Elsa in different Disney films and especially in different canon universes than in the same Disney film and the same universe.

45 They're useless
46 They're clumsy and careless

She falls and crashes into everything and anything that moves.

47 They're pathetic
48 They're girly girl sisters

There should be more likable Norwegian princess sisters of Aren-delle who are better than only just two stupid sisters of Aren-delle, that stupid Anna and that stupid Elsa.

49 They're more like strangers

Let's face it. Neither Anna nor Elsa should be portrayed as sisters back then before. Neither of them should be in the same canon universe nor the same Disney movie together at all.

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50 They lack an adult brother
51 They're jerks
52 They're morons
53 They're selfish

Hello! They care about each other a lot, even though they've been separated for past thirteen years ago since the accident/incident in the ballroom in their childhood.

Don't you mean they're unselfish.

54 They're not hot

Try to scrape the makeup off of Elsa...I think there's lots of acne underneath.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."
"Beauty does not last long, but personality does."

This is a reminder to you Frozen fandom!

55 They're lame
56 They're ridiculous

I think that also Anna should have died. She is the most ridiculous character that Frozen should have not included.

57 Anna's insane
58 They're spoiled and bratty

Princess Anna (tomboy) and Queen Elsa (girly girl) in Frozen.

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59 They're related to each other
60 They're lazy
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