Top Ten Worst Things About Antihunters

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1 They are stupid

Ok I am anti hunting and I disagree with the whole list:
1. I'm not stupid. I use facts, statistics, evidence, and the such to support not hunting. And some human decency. A deer's life is just as important as any other life.

2. I don't hate hunting, I just dislike it because I think it is morally wrong.

3. I do want to ban hunting, and it is cruel; it is murder. By shooting an organism, animal or human, you are killing. Would you be ok with a monkey shooting you?

4. I try not to be annoying. If I notice their is no changing someone's opinion I leave them alone and hope they see the light their own way.

5. I can shut up, if the person I'm debating wants to stop, I stop, and I can admit defeat.

6. I do want to ban anything related to hunting. For sport, for food, for decoration, for clothing. But I have good reasons. - ToptenPizza

Not "stupid." Just ignorant of what hunters actually do. (I mean, some of them can actually be really stupid too though, lol)

They act stupid about deer being killed - firewolf5

Yeah, it's not like deer aren't LIVING, BREATHING creatures of this earth JUST LIKE HUMANS! - 906389

2 Hate hunting

They hate it for some stupid reasons - firewolf5

3 Want to ban hunting because they think it's cruel when it's not
4 Annoying
5 Can't shut up
6 Want to ban anything related to hunting
7 They enforce hunting stereotypes
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