Top 10 Worst Things About Atheist Haters

My list of Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Atheist was almost ruined by a troll cause the troll submitted false items. That just shows how ignorant and close-minded most people are when it comes to atheism. If you wanna come here and write hate comments on this list then go somewhere else!

The Top Ten

1 They're ignorant

They don't even give atheists a chance. People should be given a chance regardless of their beliefs.

2 They claim that atheists are Satanists

1. Satanism (The modern kind) is only one kind of Atheism. There are tons of other normal people who aren't satanists and are atheists. 2. Modern Satanism is awesome! Religious people claim that atheists don't have morals, well, here you go! Atheism with morals! It' just tenets, nothing about the devil. But many LaVeyan use the devil to tease ultra-religious people. - SoldierOfFortune

Atheism and Satanism are not the same thing. Deal with it.

3 They think atheists are in risk of going to hell

If I was in risk of going to Hell I would be killing a person or raping a child. I honestly don't think not believing in God makes you a bad person.

4 They think all atheists are rude and close-minded

There are some good atheists out there. You people just gotta keep an open-mind.

5 They bully atheists for having different beliefs

Everyone is free to believe in whatever they wanna believe. It's none of your business. You should worry more about yourself instead of others.

6 They don't do research when it comes to atheism

They think atheism is a tool of the devil but like I said before, atheism and satanism are two completely different things.

7 They think atheists just want to sin

We don't want to sin. We just want to live normal lives even without spirituality.

8 They think you have to be religious to be good

You don't have to be religious to be good. If anything, you lack empathy. Not religion.

9 They don't give atheists a chance

I know I already mentioned it in the top comment but it's true.

10 They think atheists are unhygienic

It doesn't matter what your beliefs are. What matters is that you stay clean and healthy.

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