Worst Things About Atlantis Squarepantis

Like a lot of people say, Atlantis Squarepantis is the worst SpongeBob episode ever, and these are the reasons why.

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1 The songs are awful

Squidward's song isn't interesting in the slightest. It's just him in a bunch of famous paintings that are already well-known. Putting characters into this kind of scenario could lead to something witty, but not here. They've decided to make another boring song out of it.

Also, the women singing in the background sound incredibly tired. It almost feels like a dang lullaby.

Sandy's song was terrible. She goes into an NES game. Which is not fair, because NES put effort into their visuals, their enemy designs, and their sound direction. Also, sandy can't sing in the slightest, and they the lyrics try to disguise their poor effort by shoehorning in science terms and video game references.

Finally ends off with the worst song in the whole in the whole movie. SpongeBob ravels off facts we already know and the other characters start crying because they want to stay in atlantis. What an unpleasant way to end an unpleasant movie.

In Mr Krab's song, they start using different styles of art at certain points. I've seen the behind the scenes for atlantis squarepantis and this is what they're proud of. Do they even know what adobe flash is? Now I'm not against a show using a different art style then what they normally do, but they've got to have a reason for it. Beyond substituting style for substance.

2 The Patchy sub-plot was stupid

In the desert, where the heck did that potty with a sandwich come from?

That live action SpongeBob is scary!

How did Potty get so large at the very end of the episode?

How the heck can anyone drive a boat in the street?

3 It had way too much build up for it

It had a ton of build up for a piss poor pay off. Seriously. Alongside the tons of commercials were Burger King toys, a video game spin-off, and even another fan voted countdown.

I actually used to own the ps2 video game of it. It was so boring.

4 The Plankton sub-plot was stupid

Again, not every movie or special has to have villain in it!

He practically had no impact on the story.

They Litteraly putted him in the second song of the movie.

5 It had no humor at all
6 It had annoying characters

Patchy's one of them because he enjoys playing loud guitar in front of normal people who just want to sit in the park. and if he had no food in the desert and only had a sandwich with mayo, which he doesn't like, then who cares if he doesn't like mayo. It's the only thing he had left before he almost dehydrated in the desert.

Patrick, for no reason at all, pops the real oldest living bubble. That was the most pointless thing I've ever seen in my life.

Mr Krabs in the beginning was being his usual greedy self by fooling people into thinking that they have to pay for the museum so he can steal all of their money. This is the perfect character for kids isn't it?

At least David bowie's was the most pleasant to listen to. The rest of the characters were just bitching most of the time.

7 Plankton appears out of nowhere

How the heck did he escape through an exhaust pipe attached to a van that only runs on singing?!

8 It's a musical

They had never even advertised this as a musical. just makes me so angry I wanna pound them.

9 Lord Royal Highness

Looks like a girl

10 The Atlantis Palace resembles Lando's Palace from The Empire Strikes Back

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11 The songs rip off Disney
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1. The Patchy sub-plot was stupid
2. The songs are awful
3. The Plankton sub-plot was stupid
1. The songs are awful
2. It had way too much build up for it
3. The Patchy sub-plot was stupid


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