Worst Things About Auto-Flushing Toilets

Generally, auto-flushing toilets are the ideal update for a public restroom. With auto-flushing toilets, nobody has to touch germy handles, walk into a stall with an unflushed toilet, or deal with broken handles. However, there are some drawbacks to auto-flushing toilets.

If you disagree anything listed below, then that is okay with me. I know that there are solutions to those problems (like putting a post-it notes on the sensor or pressing the button if it has one). I am pointing out the disadvantages to automated toilets, but I am not saying there are no solutions. None of these apply to all auto-flushing toilets, but these apply to the vast majority of auto-flushing toilets. Some of these might apply to manual-flushing toilets as well.

I am sorry if you think this list is a terrible list. I try my best to make valid lists regardless of if you believe me or not.

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1 They flush before you're completely finished doing your business

Sometimes it flushes mid-use, other times after you just sat down, or before you even get to sit down. It rarely flushes after the users stood up and were finished with their business. - anonygirl

It's funny how many people suggest that keeping your penis away from the sensor solves the problem because I don't have a penis. - anonygirl

One time I stood at one of these and zipped my pants down and the thing flushed. - Mcgillacuddy

A solution for this is to cover the sensor with a sticky note. - anonygirl

Because everyone always brings sticky notes with them to the bathroom - Mcgillacuddy

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2 They waste water because of their so-called "phantom flushing" They waste water because of their so-called

In 2010, researchers studied the amount of water used via toilet in an office building. With manual-flushing toilets, the average daily water use in that building was 807 gallons. Once auto-flushing toilets were installed, that water use increased to 1,243 gallons per day. That is an increase of 54%! Researchers convinced that the increase might be because of phantom flushing, or flushing when it's not supposed to. - anonygirl

3 They do not flush when you want them to flush

You'll be lucky if a button was there. - anonygirl

I always look at these toilets waiting for them to flush, then I give up and press the button for it to flush. Then it flushes again, AFTER I ALREADY FLUSHED IT. - Cesium

4 Dirty water splashes onto your bottom if they flush while you're sitting

Yeah I know, it hate it when all that dirty water with bacteria goes up my anus, this can even happen to manual toilets too.

If you press the handle while you're sitting, it could. At least with manual toilets, you can control if you want your bottom splashed or not. With auto-flush, you cannot. - anonygirl

Whenever I use an auto-flush toilet, I try not to move if I can so that it does not trigger the sensor and flush while I am sitting on it, which gets my butt wet and the water is usually dirty

That is especially terrible if it flushes mid-use. - anonygirl

That's why I pick my butt up from the seat when it flushes - Mcgillacuddy

5 Some children are scared of them

When I was little my all-time fear was automatic toilets.

I used to be frightened of automatic toilets (and I still kind of am now even though I know I will not go down the abyss) when I was little as well. The reason why I created this list is because I was scared of them as a child. - anonygirl

When I was a child, I was so scared of them that I thought every toilet was auto-flush even if it was not. - anonygirl

I used to, I thought there was a ghost. - Catacorn

My little friend's teddy bear got flushed down one of those toilets.
Then he cried every time he sat on the toilet. >:(

I wonder how a teddy bear is big enough to go down the abyss. But yes, that is pretty scary. - anonygirl

6 You can't inspect the color of your urine to see how hydrated you are

You need to have a clear pee!

I don't necessarily like doing it, but some people do.

The darker your urine is, the less hydrated you are. - anonygirl

7 They flush really loudly

This can apply to manual-flushing toilets as well. - anonygirl

8 You cannot stand up to wipe

Some people stand up to wipe their bottoms before flushing. Since most automated toilets flush before you're even done, you do not have a chance to stand up before you wipe. I am not a stand-up wiper, but a lot of people are. - anonygirl

9 People are not that lazy

I mean most people are not too lazy to flush a toilet. - anonygirl

10 Some people cannot figure out how to flush them

Not me per se, but many other people do. - anonygirl

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11 There is no way to manually flush them if the electronics break.

Some of them might have a button - anonygirl

12 If you're trying to hide from the school shooter in the stall, the loud flush will make enough noise to grab their attention

LOL! I have never thought about that. - anonygirl

13 If You Accidentally Drop Something in it, then It Might Be Flushed Away Forever

OOF TRUTH - Cesium

14 Pedal-Flushing Toilets are Better

You press your foot on the pedal to flush the toilet. - anonygirl

Yeah IKR these toilets just open the drain no water used except pee and its everywhere it was in a camper trailer once I had its was awesome

AND CLEAN - lol2016

15 They are very rare.
16 They are unpredictable
17 They make loud sounds when flushing

That's already on the list. - anonygirl

18 They flush when nobody is using the toilet
19 When you are hiding from a stalker they flush.
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1. They waste water because of their so-called "phantom flushing"
2. They do not flush when you want them to flush
3. They flush before you're completely finished doing your business


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