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1 She only cares for herself

In one episode, she just walked right past someone who had fainted. - DontMakeARookieMistake

I hate Barbie too. She's been forever bad, but a direct-to-video movie about her being a secret agent that's coming out soon. Now that's an all-time low. Barbie needs to go away for as long as the universe stays up, she is a part of M√ęgdecis. (UPDATE FROM 2017: Wow this last sentence is total cringe. Did I really used to think that? ) - Anonymousxcxc

2 Her saying "anything is possible"

Barbie should try and say that to a person who has an uncurable disease. "Getting better is obviously possible even if the doctors tell you that they can't cure your disease". But seriously? This may sound pessimistic, but not everything is possible. Flying isn't possible, immortality isn't possible, super quick reflexes aren't possible and that means that even If you yelled willpower and 'I can do It If I just hope! ' all the time without actually doing them yourself, they'd still remain impossible for you(Heck, I gave things that are proven to be impossible for normal human as the examples) - MLPFan

I added this one. Oh yeah Barbie time travel isn't possible (yet), magic isn't possible (yet), many things aren't possible. And it's said so many times. Ugh! - Anonymousxcxc

Barbie exploding into a million pieces is possible! How about Barbie being this monster who eats kids brains is possible! - DontMakeARookieMistake

This is what happens when her dumbo commecail comes on.
Me watching T.V.
comercail comes on
barbie barbie barbie
Anything is possible!
Me: Dies*

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3 She think that the only good colour is pink

Pink looks good on a lot of characters like Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica, But Barbie makes everything pink It's ridiculous - MLPFan

I don't mind pink, but Barbie uses it WAY too much. It literally takes over Barbie. - Powerfulgirl10

Why, pink is the worst color ever. I hate pink, it's horrid. - Anonymousxcxc

I though pink looks cute like the character Rose Lavillant from Miraculous Ladybug. But, to Barbie is too girly! - ChatNoirFan18

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4 She's obviously a Mary Sue

She is THE QUEEN of Mary Sues! She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, is impossibly skinny, wears pink all the time (mind me, I do like pink, but I wear teal much more often), lives in a dream house, dates a "hot" guy, has loads of friends, is rich, bla bla bla... also, she only cares about herself, thinks everyone loves her when in real life everyone despises her, and has no flaws at all. She is also incredibly annoying, and loves to go shopping 24/7. I hate Barbie. Hate her. Can't stand her.

She is and this is why I hate princess peach. Peach is literally a video game barbie doll. This list is the best list ever. Barbie and peach both suck, they only care about themselves

I hate Mary Sues

She's one of the worst Mary Sues ever. - Powerfulgirl10

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5 She thinks everyone loves her V 2 Comments
6 She's overrated

She gets too many attention for being "Hot and pretty"(yeah right...) - MLPFan

7 She has an annoying voice

In barbie life in the dreamhouse barbie is voiced by kate higgins like sakura haruno from Naruto and chloe from glitter force and frankie stein from monster high in the movies and the animated webisodes.

8 She isn't medically possible

Thanks for making a generation of young girls become anorexic. - Elric-san

9 She has her own show
10 She has too many accessories V 3 Comments

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? She only cares about her looks

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11 She's a diva
12 She has an annoying song called 'Barbie Girl'

Hey guys! Look up for Weird Al Yankovic's parody of It called Ugly Girl. It's way better and shows what Barbie is a lot better too! - MLPFan

I can't believe they made vocaloid covers of this song. - Discord1

I hate this song so much!

That song is so stupid! - Powerfulgirl10

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13 People just love her for her looks

Her blond hair, the fact she's skinny, her blue eyes. Shall I go on? - MLPFan

This is a reason why they do plastic surgery - ChatNoirFan18

MLPFan you should be my friend. I hate Barbie too! Glad to know I'm not the only one by the way I saw your profile and Rainbow Dash is my least favourite pony too! Coincedentally my favorite is also Twilight - TwilightKitsune

14 They're still making dolls of her

I know right! Mattel needs to stop with all of their Barbie crap. - Powerfulgirl10

15 No good movies

They're all about girly stuff like fashion, magical girly creatures...Just search 'Barbie: A Fashion Fairy tale' and you'll realize how annoying she is - MLPFan

16 She talks too much V 1 Comment
17 She's dumb
18 She isn't real
19 She's creepy
20 She's too skinny

She obviously got surgery or something. How is it possible to be that skinny? - Powerfulgirl10


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1. Her saying "anything is possible"
2. She only cares for herself
3. She has too many accessories
1. Her saying "anything is possible"
2. She isn't medically possible
3. She has her own show
1. She only cares for herself
2. She's overrated
3. She thinks everyone loves her



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