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For the Barbie fans, you may leave because everyone has their own opinion,Thanks.
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1 Her saying "anything is possible"

Barbie should try and say that to a person who has an uncurable disease. "Getting better is obviously possible even if the doctors tell you that they can't cure your disease". But seriously? This may sound pessimistic, but not everything is possible. Flying isn't possible, immortality isn't possible, super quick reflexes aren't possible and that means that even If you yelled willpower and 'I can do It If I just hope! ' all the time without actually doing them yourself, they'd still remain impossible for you(Heck, I gave things that are proven to be impossible for normal human as the examples)

I added this one. Oh yeah Barbie time travel isn't possible (yet), magic isn't possible (yet), many things aren't possible. And it's said so many times. Ugh!

Barbie exploding into a million pieces is possible! How about Barbie being this monster who eats kids brains is possible!

If everything is possible how come I can't fly or time travel?

2 She's a Mary Sue

She is THE QUEEN of Mary Sues! She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, is impossibly skinny, wears pink all the time (mind me, I do like pink, but I wear teal much more often), lives in a dream house, dates a "hot" guy, has loads of friends, is rich, bla bla bla... also, she only cares about herself, thinks everyone loves her when in real life everyone despises her, and has no flaws at all. She is also incredibly annoying, and loves to go shopping 24/7. I hate Barbie. Hate her. Can't stand her.

She is and this is why I hate princess peach. Peach is literally a video game barbie doll. This list is the best list ever. Barbie and peach both suck, they only care about themselves

When does anything actually bad happen to her? Never. Her life and looks are flawless, making her boring.

Ikr. Nothing bad happens to her and everybody loves her in her TV show.

3 She has bad movies

They're all about girly stuff like fashion, magical girly creatures...Just search 'Barbie: A Fashion Fairy tale' and you'll realize how annoying she is

4 She only cares for herself

I hate Barbie too. She's been forever bad, but a direct-to-video movie about her being a secret agent that's coming out soon. Now that's an all-time low. Barbie needs to go away for as long as the universe stays up, she is a part of Mëgdecis. (UPDATE FROM 2017: Wow this last sentence is total cringe. Did I really used to think that? )

In one episode, she just walked right past someone who had fainted.

5 She is boring

She is a doll. Oh wait nowadays she has a cartoon. Who cares.

6 She thinks everyone loves her

Well I don't, which is true.

I don't like her.

7 She think that the only good colour is pink

I don't mind pink, but Barbie uses it WAY too much. It literally takes over Barbie.

Why, pink is the worst color ever. I hate pink, it's horrid.

Pink is a good color so shut up you haters.

Pink looks good on a lot of characters like Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica, But Barbie makes everything pink It's ridiculous

8 She has an annoying song called 'Barbie Girl'

Actually what happened to the days when Barbie just had a stupid 90s song by Aqua called "Barbie Girl" and when Barbie was just a plastic doll. No cartoons, no stupid women getting plastic surgery to look like her, no stupid men getting plastic surgery to look like Ken. What happened to the days when Barbie and the British version Sindy where just dolls every little girl played with or grown ups secretly collect. Why does Action Man have a different name in America? Yeah I know the boys toy was made in America.

Hey guys! Look up for Weird Al Yankovic's parody of It called Ugly Girl. It's way better and shows what Barbie is a lot better too!

I can't believe they made vocaloid covers of this song.

I'm a barbie girl. In a barbie world...HATE IT. No offense for the creators

9 People just love her for her looks

No they don't.

Guys, listen. This is for SIX YEAR OLDS.

Need to say it again? I will.

This. Is. For. Six. Year. Olds.

You are all probably like 17 years old too!

They are allowed to have pretty perfect girls to be good role models for kids.

This. Is. For. Six. Year. Olds.

Her blond hair, the fact she's skinny, her blue eyes. Shall I go on?

People hate her because of her looks. Her thin body, boobs.

10 She's a bad role model
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11 She's overrated

She is over hated

12 She isn't medically possible

People took a doll too seriously. Dolls are one of the oldest toys. Barbie is a plastic inanimate object. That little girls played with and adults collect.

Thanks for making a generation of young girls become anorexic.

I know. She's impossibly skinny.

Did you guys forget she is a doll so it is possible for them to design her like that

13 She has her own show

Waiting for the return of Mimi and the Goo-Goo's toy and the cartoon. Mimi and her friends.

14 She's too perfect

I love barbie but is she perfect I also think she's rich hm? But I still love her

15 She has an annoying voice
16 She only cares about her looks
17 Her show Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

Wha? This show is freaking funny and awesome!

18 She's a diva
19 She has too many accessories

Tell me about it.

20 She's too girly

"Look kids, this is barbie, I once hope you will be like her because this is definitely the right fictional character to look up to" said by hopefully NO ONE

21 They're still making dolls of her

I know right! Mattel needs to stop with all of their Barbie crap.

22 She's too skinny

I don't think little girls really take any notice of how thin she is or her breast. She is just a doll.

She obviously got surgery or something. How is it possible to be that skinny?

Seen the new Sindy doll came out in 2016 she is no longer like Barbie and like an original doll, a child.

23 She's ugly

Definitely. She is very ugly

24 She has long blonde hair

Nothing wrong with blonde hair is there?!?! This list is making me insecure.

I have blonde hair that's long too!

Am I stupid, a brat and a stereotype because I have blonde hair?

No. Stop it all of you and by the way NO I'm not a Barbie fan actually. I just want to protect my hair and feelings witch is SILLY I HAVE TO DO BY THE WAY.

When I was a kid I had felt tip pens I coloured her hair like punk colours, and probably Sindy too.

Nothing wrong with having blonde hair.

What's wrong with having blonde hair?

25 She's dumb

Is Barbie really dumb. A pretty girl with a hunky boyfriend or is Barbie a feminist?

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