Worst Things About Barney the Dinosaur


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1 Barney Is Dumb

Come on. He isn't dumb. He is for little kids. Everyone I know says that he is really dumb. He isn't. He teaches small children. I honestly don't see how anyone can call him dumb. Come on, do you ever actually sit down and watch it?

BOOO HISSS barney is so dumb we should force him to jump into lava

2 He's Creepy

Yeah, especially in the Backyard show from 1988.

3 Barney's Show Has Been Cancelled On Seven Channels

That's a good thing

4 He Has a Tutu

That's Baby Bop, not barney. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 His Songs

That one song that barney sing's is so annoying

I hate you, you hate me, let's get together and kill Barney.

The real T.Rex doesn't sing childish kiddy songs for crying out loud! He roars! He ate a lawyer in Jurassic Park!

6 His Head Looks Like a Butt

True dast

7 He Is Boring

This is the reason I didn't like this show as a little kid.

8 He Says "I Love You"

I suppose I love you is silly, saccharine. But do you want to have Barney like Jurassic Park? It's a preschool show.

9 Suspected Pedo

He sings "I Love You" to kids, for one thing... - PizzaGuy

Loving children <> feeling sexual desire towards children - Alkadikce

One of the stupidest reasons.

10 Has the Worst TV Show Ever

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11 Barney Is Much Too Sweet

He's Actually A Pedophile.

Barney's a show for little kids so of course he's sweet. He can't be evil on a show for little kids.

12 He's for Babies

Nearly every kid under the age of 8 will literally worship him like a god.

Only 4 year olds like him

13 Barney Thinks He Is Amazing

This guy is not amazing he's dumb and stupid

If barney thinks that he is anazing well guess what he's not think about this

14 He Is Stupid
15 He Coaches Kids for the Disney Channel

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan... WHHY? - greatesttop10s

16 He's Misguiding Kids

He says stuff like a stranger is a friend you haven't met and lacks the deep truth like things don't always go your way or sharing can be hard. Sesame Street deals with both these lessons

17 He is an Insult to the 90s
18 Barney Is a Purple Dinosaur

He's a purple dinosaur because they had to make the show fun for little kids.

19 He's Really Annoying
20 His Voice Is Scary

And in the Goanimate Grounded Series his voice is Kidaroo, which does sound pretty scary (but not as scary as Scary Voice). - Murvine_Taylor

21 He's Overly Happy
22 He's Scary
23 He Has His Own Movie

That's the worst

24 He's Unpopular
25 Riff
26 He Sings Too Much

Yes, every time I hear him sing I wanna smash my T.V.

27 His Sidekick Is Baby Bop

Baby bop is so dumb Because he is so overrated I wish this was definitely so much baby bop is so annoying

28 The Show Is Aimed Primarily at 2-yr-olds
29 He's Nightmare Fuel
30 He Tricks Kids Into Liking Him

He's probably a pedophile

And in a video of him getting grounded, Barney kidnapped and seduced his teacher. (or at least that was implied by BJ) - Murvine_Taylor

31 His Eyes Are Creepy
32 He Hugs Too Much

Definitely a big problem. It’s like he has no idea about personal space. The kids on the show are also complete strangers. He teaches nothing valuable.

33 Stupid Lessons
34 He Gives Kids Nightmares
35 He's Ugly
36 He's Still On The Air
37 He Deserves to Die
38 He's Dumb
39 He Thinks He's Awesome
40 He Sucks
41 He's Fat
42 He Cursed On T.V.
43 He's Annoying
44 He Ruined His Own Show
45 The Kids Who Watch it Will Turn Into Brats
46 Baby Bop Baby Bop Baby Bop is a minor character in the Backyard Gang video series and a main character in the Barney & Friends television show.
47 BJ BJ
48 He's a Gary Stu
49 He Yells
50 He's Inappropriate
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