Top Ten Worst Things About Being 12 Years Old

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1 "Sorry, You have to be at least 13" V 1 Comment
2 You're the youngest one at school

The school I go to 10/11 is the youngest

3 People thinking you're 10

Actually, I'm 12 and some people think I'm either 14 or 15 just based on looks alone. Believe me, it makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes - kaitlynrad11

I'm 11,5 years old and everybody thinks that I'm at least 14 because I'm 5'1. What's wrong with short mature people?

I'm 11 but I'll still look at some tips.
But even though I'm 11, people confuse me with being 10 or 9. - BubbleBear01

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4 More homework
5 Middle school

I don't start middle school until next year. Mainly because I'm stuck in Elementary in 6th grade. - BubbleBear01

6 Puberty
7 More chores
8 Parents still treat you like a kid

I'm not 12 yet I have a year left. But it would not be THAT Bad! You'll be 22 wishing your 12 again. And I don't believe age proves the kid. Every kid is different. - Jake09

9 You might get bullied
10 People hate you because of your age

I have a boy at school and he bullies me - Officialpen

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11 Waking up earlier
12 Your crush doesn't like you V 1 Comment
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