Worst Things About Being an Adult


The Top Ten

1 Having to Have a Job

Unless you like that job

I would like to just collect money for free.

2 Having to Pay Taxes

Everyone's least favorite word in the English dictionary. - egnomac

I'm not looking forward to being an adult. - funnyuser

3 Having to Pay Bills

Bills, bills, bills and more bills get use to seeing them in your mailbox. - egnomac

4 Never Having Enough Time to Do the Things We Enjoy

Tell me about it my job always keeps me busy I almost never have time to go On The Top Tens List website anymore. - ZZDOORAL

Between Work and Other stuff most adults never time to watch movies, play video games or anything else fun. - egnomac

5 Being Expected to Act Like an Adult

At least if your a voice actor and if you get to spend time with the people you choose to be with this doesn't apply. They are so lucky.

People are always telling you to grow up and act your own age. - egnomac

6 Having to Be Responsible All the Time

As a kid you mess up no big deal but as an adult everything falls on your shoulders. - egnomac

7 No Summer Vacation
8 Worrying About Getting an STD
9 Getting Thrown in Jail When You Break the Law
10 Relationship Pressures

The Contenders

11 Metabolism Slows Down
12 Not Being Able to Party Anymore
13 Physical Appearance Deteriorates
14 If You Don't Do It, No One Else Will
15 Having to Raise Kids
16 Growing Hair in Places
17 Lose Touch with What's "Cool"
18 Hangovers
19 Always Being Tired
20 Closer to Death
21 Mid-Life Crisis
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