Worst Things About Being an Adult

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1 Having to Pay Bills

Bills, bills, bills and more bills get use to seeing them in your mailbox.

2 Having to Have a Job

I would like to just collect money for free.

Unless you like that job

3 Having to Pay Taxes

Everyone's least favorite word in the English dictionary.

I'm not looking forward to being an adult.

4 Never Having Enough Time

My life goes by WAY too fast due to all the homework I get in college and I also sleep in a lot and my parents make me go to bed early.

Tell me about it my job always keeps me busy I almost never have time to go On The Top Tens List website anymore.

Between Work and Other stuff most adults never time to watch movies, play video games or anything else fun.

5 Getting Thrown in Jail When You Break the Law

Kids/Teens are sent to detention centres when they break the law.

6 Being Expected to Act Like an Adult

At least if your a voice actor and if you get to spend time with the people you choose to be with this doesn't apply. They are so lucky.

People are always telling you to grow up and act your own age.

No more temper tantrums

So do parents.

7 Having to Be Responsible All the Time

As a kid you mess up no big deal but as an adult everything falls on your shoulders.

8 Growing Hair in Places
9 No Summer Vacation
10 Relationship Pressures
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11 Having Work from College
12 Worrying About Getting an STD
13 Being Closer to Death
14 Metabolism Slows Down

Me as a kid: eat lots of dessert and chocolate and drink lots of soda and never get fat or get high blood sugar
Me as an adult: eat desserts in moderation and gain 5 lbs and nearly got diabetes

15 Not Being Able to Party Anymore
16 Physical Appearance Deteriorates
17 Mid-Life Crisis
18 Having to Raise Kids

In never having kids
1. Temper Tantrums
2. Spoiled
3. Having to do everything for them
4. Take them to school
5. Changing their diapers
6. They are loud
7. They are disgusting (9-0 years old)

I will never have kids

This is a good reason

Again why I’m not having kids

19 Lose Touch with What's "Cool"

Think of what Abe Simpson said when you reach older age. "With it"

20 If You Don't Do It, No One Else Will
21 Life is More Boring

That is definitely true. As you get older, life is no longer fun like it was when you were a little kid. For me, whenever it snows and school gets cancelled (I'm a teenager), I get really stressed, irritable, sad, depressed, etc. When I was younger, I used to get really excited whenever it snowed, but now, I no longer do. I live in Lynnwood, WA. I'm just glad that the snow is not as bad as some states, like Chicago.

When I was a little kid, my life was fun. I got to do whatever I wanted, such as playing with toys, playing out in the snow, miss school (due to snowy weather, since I didn't like school until now). But now, whenever I had snow day, I realized how boring it was :(

2020 - Hard
2021 - Very Hard
2022 - Very Hard
2025 - Jail
2026 - Death

2005 - Very Easy
2006 - Very Easy
2007 - Very Easy
2008 - Easy
2009 - Easy
2010 - Hard (Scary)
2011 - Very Easy
2012 - Normal/Hard
2013 - Normal/Hard
2014 - Normal/Hard
2015 - Normal
2016 - Hard
2017 - Very Hard
2019 - Hard

22 Hangovers
23 People Telling You that You're Too Old for ________

Random person: your too old for ani-

me: shut up

I'm an adult and I love Disney's Hercules and my parents think that it's just for little kids >:(

24 Always Being Tired
25 Getting Punished for Goofing Off
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