Top Ten Worst Things About Being Bipolar

What do my fellow Bipolar bros feel is the worst thing about being Bipolar?

The Top Ten

1 The downward spiral.

Living with bipolar can be debilitating. Sometimes feeling like you can take on the world single-handed one minute and the next, you just want to curl up in a ball somewhere and die. This list makes me want to cry but also gives me hope as I know there is at least one other soul out there who feels the same. Whoever you are... Thank you!

That terrible feeling that life is being sucked out of you, until you can barely believe you're alive.

I'm not ashamed anymore to admit I've suffered with this,sometimes debilitating condition since I was almost 18. Sometimes you can actually feel yourself going down and the scariest part is that you have no control over your mind or body. And once you're down it's exhausting to try and climb your way to a sense of normality (or what you believe normality is)
It's not all bad though, the highs are worth it. - Britgirl

2 Medication side-effects.

Weight gain, nightmares, trembling hands, tingles in your head. You know, the usual stuff.

From shaking, to diahrrea for months, to rashes, to sedation. Absolutely awful

3 The numbness before mood change.

Feeling like your mind and body is separated from each other, as if you are observing what is happening, instead of actually being in control.

4 Getting Paranoid.

Getting feelings that something terrible is about to happen, like someone is going to break into you're house when you're at home or you are going to be in a terrible car accident.

5 Feeling way too happy.

Everything is so clear and beautiful. You feel at one with everything and everyone. Nothing bad can happen to you.

6 Can't Consentrate!

Your mind is jumping between daydreaming and taking in reality. You can't sit still for too long without getting jumpy.

7 Too little sleep.

Your mind is racing, you have to do something to keep busy or feeling that sleep is a waste of your time.

8 Too much sleep.

You won't get out of bed. No, you can't get out of bed. The medication has made you so sleepy or if you are on a down, it's not worth getting out of bed. You just want to die.

9 Rapid Motor Moods.

Waking up in the morning feeling energetic, happy and ready to take on life. An hour later you go numb. Two hours later you just want to crawl into a small space and stay there forever. By the afternoon you're singing along to you're favourite songs, ready to take on life again. Then the numbness returns and it starts all over again.

10 Talking to yourself.

Making up songs on the fly and singing them to yourself, berating yourself for doing something stupid or you're just feeling that you have so much to say and no one to talk to.

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