Top Ten Worst Things About Being Bullied

You know me as a very funny guy who always entertain people who makes funny lists but I really want to be real to you guys, I've been a victim of bullying some of. You don't but things have been hard for me in academy and for this lists its about how it will be like if you got bullied.

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1 It makes you feel like bait

When ever I take my rages, it leads more people doing to the same thing to me to. Laugh as I do it. - SuperHyperman

2 It makes you feel defeated

There's really just no way to stop it no matter what help you will get. - SuperHyperman

3 It makes it harder to trust people

It's been harder for me to make new friends and to trust people which means I don't find team group work easy. - SuperHyperman

It used to be easy for me to trust people, but now not really - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 It makes you feel socially isolated

It makes you feel as if the whole world is against you and that you're the bad guy for what ever reason - SuperHyperman

5 It makes you feel unwelcome

People who I don't know will just try to whine me up because other people are doing it whether by a friend or with a group of people. - SuperHyperman

6 It makes you feel weak

Not because of the people bullying but how the school thinks that it should be dealt with which does nothing useful at all. - SuperHyperman

7 It makes you depressed

Bullying is bad definitely. But don't be depressed. It will matters worse. Just be confident on yourself. - Kiteretsunu

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8 It makes you angry

It's a very scary. Thing to happen to me but for people it's just a mild thing but for me it's anything but mild, it's a very aggressive kind of angry which makes me look as if I'm psychopathic. - SuperHyperman

It's that, "why is this happening to me? " feeling. The thing is, you are only a victim if you allow these idiots to to treat you that way. You are telling them it's ok to bully you. Gah! These people are vile! - Britgirl

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9 You never know why

I never know the reason of why people bully me when I was 1st-4th grade - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

10 It makes you look weak

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11 You can't punch the bully

Well, actually I can, but if I do I'm gonna be hated by every single people I know and I don't want to be hated - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

12 You feel excluded
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