This is BS

This list is offensive. No gay kid (who is at higher risk for suicide) needs to see this as if for one, he could choose not to be gay, or for two, here are all the things he's doomed to. Are there lists about reasons not to be black where people can make racists remarks? That the OP is not trying to be homophobic doesn't change the fact that the list is. All this list does is give a forum for the nasty christianists to make their very un-Christian remarks. So, this is okay, but saying a curse word isn't?

Seriously, I suppose the list should have been titled Top Things Gays Have to Endure from Stupid People.


I'm not kidding. Someone link the lists of:
Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Black

Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Anything Other than White and Male

Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Mexican (or any other nationality)

Top Ten Reasons Not to be Disabled

Top Ten Reasons Not to be Christian - Blue_Devereaux

Please link to the lists of Top Ten Reasons Not to Be:
Mexican (or any other nationality)
Christian - Blue_Devereaux

Black is a race not a nationality. I understand the mix up though sometimes people same that they are the same. But it is okay. - TopTensFan

Blue_Deveraux, you are absolutely right. Some people are really stupid and they can't help it, so they start spreading their negativity around in the name of God or whatever... They find their stupidity cozy and they stick to it. The most inane thing of it all is that they think that they have a right to be abusive, because of course, they will never take some time to criticize themselves. That would be too much for these deaf and blind people. - visitor