Anti-Gay User?

It's one thing not to understand homosexuality and another not to want to want to have anything to do with it. But the second you try to change people or make them feel bad if they are gay, you've crossed a line. It seems that, by posting this list, you are crossing a clearly drawn line. What if there are people who have not discovered that they're gay yet and they read this list and notice some (of the very few accurate) things on this list that they do themselves and they realize they are gay? Not only will you be the one to make them notice how they're gay (which I thought you were trying to avoid), but they notice that their means of finding out was a list criticizing those people, so they were never comfortable enough to come out because of self-consciousness? You'd be surprised what posting a list can do to people. Just think before you post, because there is nothing okay about letting people vote on their least favorite thing about gay people.


There's one anti-gay user we know and that's TopTensFan. - visitor

This list wasn't made as a hate list, but a list that describes the cons of being gay/lesbian.
I think a better title though would be "top ten cons of being a homosexual". I ain't a homophobe. - Skullkid755