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21 Having to enjoy Wham!

I like Wham, well George Michael, and I'm 99.999999% sure I'm not gay. - BeatlesFan1964

Yeah, and what's so bad about that? I love Wham! - FennikenFan9

Loads of straight people like wham! - OnionLists

22 Being called a f*****

In what cases?
Why was this list even allowed to be made? - Flamesofsilver

In some cases you might deserve that

F***** was a punishment given to homosexuals in the middle ages, where the person would be put into a barrel with spikes sticking through it. The barrel would then be set on fire and rolled down a hill.

Still think some people ''deserve'' it?

23 It's icky

Now these thoughts are what proves you have the mindset of a three year old.
Let me explain.
When you were younger, you probably saw people kissing or hugging (whether gay or not), and thought 'Ew, that's disgusting'
But as you got older, you realized that they just really liked each other, and were showing affection.
And if you still think people showing affection is 'icky'.
Take a look at yourself. - Flamesofsilver

Who wants to bet Revol added this? - Therandom


You sound just like a b*tchy girl

24 It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

NOT EVERYONE IS Christian! Some don't even have a religion and those who say atheism is bad, remember: your religion could be wrong. I'm not against religion, but no religion can be proven right or wrong.

The word of a few people is not proof. The majority of people in Greece used to believe/say that Greek gods existed, but obviously you don't believe that's right. - Flamesofsilver

But Adam and Eve caused the downfall of humanity so I wouldn't consider them role models. - CatCode

STOP IT WITH THE Christian REFRENCES! I'm legitly most sincerely NOT against Christainity at all, though this is a dumb list, and I'm tired of all these Christian refrences on the internet saying that it's the best religion ever and the only one that's good or whatever. It's our opinion and part of the First Amendment is FREEDOM OF RELIGION, so please stop with all of these Christianity refrences that make it sound like what it isn't and leave everyone else alone. So please don't try to hate me, but that's just how I feel about all of these comments that say very extreme like stuff about Christianity. And also those types of comments can hurt other people's feelings like hard so be careful of what you say on the internet. - Anonymousxcxc

"It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."
-_- *inhales the memes* boi (I know you aren't male it's just a meme )
As a Christian, How do you know that? What if the Bible was actually just a fictional book? (Although I do believe in God.)
How the heck do you know, preachypreach?

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25 You will die and burn forever

Bull crap. I guess then I'm gonna go to hell because lust, cursing, and gluttony are sins! I know plenty of Christian homosexuals. They are no more sinful than anybody else, and they will go to Heaven. This list is rude, and in this case, false. - AngryByrd

The problem with homophobes is that they only focus on homosexuality, but they forget about their own sins, such as adultery, lying, wrath, envy, etc. - ethanmeinster

Eating shellfish, wearing clothes of two different fabrics? Evil! To hell with you.

If you believe that - OnionLists

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26 It's just stupid

Do you know whats even dumber a straight girl having sex with a man as a freshman in high school

This lost is sickening and full of homophobic people. I'm not even gay or a Christian but if the Christian God talked to me he wouldn't probably hate gay people.

It doesn't make sense to me but I respect gay people.

No. Just. No. - BeatlesFan1964

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27 People will make fun of you

Well, just try to kiss them. If it's a boy say "maybe I'm not." If it's a girl say "But I love you." - AnonymousChick

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28 Every religion will hate you

NO! BUDDHISM ACCEPTS GAYS. All people are accepted when it comes to Buddhists like me. - Spokane

Buddhism is the only religion I like.

Catholics are against it. - Connor360

Dudeism is pro-gay. The Dude abides, man. - BeatlesFan1964

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29 Harder to find true love

My dad said that Seattle was the world's gay Capitol.

Or you could just move to San Francisco. - ethanmeinster

30 How to tell your parents you're gay?

1. Walk up to them, say ''i'm gay'' and walk away.

2. When your homophobic uncle says ''Thank our Lord there are no gays in this family'' say ''SURPRISE BITCH''.

31 To avoid obnoxious top 10 lists that tell you why you shouldn't love who you want

Whoever put this is a genius - Absolite

This is a stupid list in my opinion #lovewins

32 Bigots claiming you're a sinner

I know some very kind people who are homosexual. - RockFashionista

-_- I thought we were all sinners. - AnonymousChick

33 You get isolated from the rest of the society
34 The person you like may not be gay

The person you like may not be straight - AnonymousChick

35 Having to listen to self appointed gay representatives

I don't remember gay elections, do you? I'm gay, who are these people, they don't speak for me.

36 Being stereotyped to the point of disgust
37 It's Adam and Eve, not Allie and Eve

This list is the textbook definition of bull.

Allie and Eve? I ship it. - AnonymousChick

Way to be original, Biggot - DeVillMan

38 It's ungodly

Not everybody is Christian dumbass

Seems religion matters to YOU and no one else here.

True and god tells us to act godly, guys gay isn't right and if you'r gay, your head isn't eathier

39 Being bullied because your gay
40 Kids could be embarrassed to be around you

Kids can be bullies by having gay parents

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