Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian


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41 It's just stupid

Do you know whats even dumber a straight girl having sex with a man as a freshman in high school

This lost is sickening and full of homophobic people. I'm not even gay or a Christian but if the Christian God talked to me he wouldn't probably hate gay people.

It doesn't make sense to me but I respect gay people.

No this list is... - Lucretia

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42 You will die and burn forever

Bull crap. I guess then I'm gonna go to hell because lust, cursing, and gluttony are sins! I know plenty of Christian homosexuals. They are no more sinful than anybody else, and they will go to Heaven. This list is rude, and in this case, false. - AngryByrd

The problem with homophobes is that they only focus on homosexuality, but they forget about their own sins, such as adultery, lying, wrath, envy, etc. - ethanmeinster

Eating shellfish, wearing clothes of two different fabrics? Evil! To hell with you.

What is wrong with you people?! Telling gays they'll be tortured forever for loving someone is bull crap!

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43 It's ungodly

Not everybody is Christian dumbass

Seems religion matters to YOU and no one else here.

True and god tells us to act godly, guys gay isn't right and if you'r gay, your head isn't eathier

44 Being bullied because your gay
45 Kids could be embarrassed to be around you

Kids can be bullies by having gay parents

46 Embarrassment
47 Better chance of being labeled a molester

Labeled a molester? Why? You just like someone... - Absolite

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1. It's a sin
2. Having to accept the rainbow as your sign
3. Being labeled as feminine/masculine instead of gay male/gay female
1. Having to put up with idiots that make top ten lists about why you shouldn't be gay.
2. Idiots hating you
3. Idiotic religions hating you
1. Increased risk of STDs
2. Having to accept the rainbow as your sign
3. Hate crimes

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