It's a sin


A lot of people say that it is a sin and a lot of people say that it isn't, so I'm cracking it. God made men and women to have children, but back then they didn't have intelligence, so they weren't able to properly love. It never says anywhere in the Bible that Adam and Eve loved each other, they just did it because they had no choice, and in my opinion that is wrong. There is more to love than having kids, that's more shallow than lust. I think the true intentions of God was to have humans survive, and their are enough straight people for more kids to be born, in fact over population is a problem now. Also, you have to keep in mind that not everyone on this site is Christian, so to some people the Bible is nothing, and that makes you look like your having a big fuss over nothing. Everyone on this site has respected Christians and their religion, and they need to respect us.

Leviticus also gives chapter after chapter of in-depth ways to slaughter and sacrifice animals. We don't do that anymore. Many verses used to combat homosexuality is from the Old Testament, and Jesus came and changed all of that. Making those verses invalid. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, and everywhere else its mentioned is by humans, who could very well be wrong. Would God allow a flaw in the bible? I don't know, but what I do know is that humans are flawed, and the chances of something ungodly to have made it in the bible is possible. Even then, the bible itself is not a "do or don't" manual. Its ultimate message is love and be kind to everyone while spreading the good news. And loving who you love is not a sin. - keycha1n

"Would God allow a flaw in The Bible? " - I'm fairly certain that The Bible is a collection by men of writings by men. Even if one argues that God was guiding those men, it is still possible - even probable - that some of what those men did were mistakes, misunderstandings, misinterpretations... Even with God's guidance and direction humans are imperfect. Therefore, isn't it likely there's some error in their work? - Billyv

To all the haters in the world who think many religious people, especially christians hate gays, they don't. It is often only against their religion, and so many rightly follow it. This is only my opinion, and I believe Homo-sexual marriage is wrong. As well as this, Whoever your God is, even if you don't have one, God created/people evolved to reproduce and to survive. To not reproduce (have sex with the same gender) is against God's will, against Evolution, unnatural, and I believe gay marriage is wrong.

Ugh. Religious people need to deal with the fact that people are gay, and no one (Especially gay people) will care that you think it's a sin! They aren't going to stop, so please, for the future of the human race, just get over yourselves and stop quoting the bible saying that men and women were meant to be together! You can have your beliefs, but please, just stop forcing them on the world, because we can have ours too. *drops the mic*

Look, not everyone has to believe what you believe. Making this list in the first place is a sin in itself. Saying that people will go to hell because of their personal preference and uncontrollable feelings is a sin. I'm a Christian and I think this is a sad excuse of a choice because if you guys say that God loves us, he should love everyone. - DCfnaf

I hate this argument. Not everyone thinks so. Not everyone is Christian. Honestly, the reason I'm agnostic is because yeah, there is a possibility God exists. But the Bible is so hypocritical and judgemental that it irritates me to no end. It even says in the Bible not to judge, so what are any of us supposed to believe? If you're gay, that's great. If you're a lesbian, that's great. If you're straight like me, that's great. If you can't accept that everyone has different preferences and deserves the right to express them, then you're pathetic. - Elric-san

Are you kidding me? Please. If you seriously believe that this is wrong, you are a terrible Christian. I don't care what the Bible says, and I don't care if you dislike this comment. Christians are supposed to be kind and excepting to others, yet they discriminate against people for their sexual orientation? Jeez, guys.

I'm a Christian and I don't think it's wrong. It's simply something I wouldn't do. - DCfnaf

The purpose of marriage: "Be fruitful and multiply" (Gay marriages are unable to accomplish this naturally.

God's design: "A man should leave his father and his mother and be united with his wife and the two shall become one flesh" Genesis 2:24

Anything outside of God's plan is "sexual immorality".

So women who are unable to have children due to incurable illness and defects shouldn't get married? Because they can't give birth naturally? - keycha1n

Love is not a sin. You have no control of who you love. God gave us this wonderful gift and please don't destroy it( I am not gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I am straight.) - Jessicarabbit

Translation: God Gave is love, but to only love the opposite sex, and if you don't, your sinning. And please don't destroy this rule, it's awesome. - ARandomPerson

Nobody was born with half vagina half penis... There are destiny to fulfill and temptation to conquer in order to fulfill our own divine destiny.

However, each of individual is responsible for its own life and it's up to them whether or not they choose to fulfill their destiny as how they created to be.

While I'm gay, I am also a religious person. So this tore me apart for a good 3-4 years. But in the end I realized that as long as I have faith in my religion, and stay true to everything else it has to offer, I'm doing quite alright. And it can take me as I am.

So is eating pork and wearing two different fabrics and divorce - CatCode

While I want to have a wife and kids, they're is nothing wrong with being homosexual. - Therandom

Wait wait wait. Being attracted to same gender is a sin but going on voyages to kill people from other religions isn't?

Adultery is also a sin, but are you being discriminated for that? No

Adultery is on God's 10 commandments, but no one cares about that though! - CamAsff

Sin is a dumb concept. GOD ISN'T REAL PEOPLE. Wake up, you idiots!

Just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you should bash other people for believing. It makes you sound stupid and it actually hurts people's feelings. Grow up. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I agree. However if you can't respect others beliefs you should start to. - FennikenFan9

If you take religion out of the picture, there is literally nothing wrong with being gay. Yes, the bible says it's a sin but do you really think a 2000 year old book should tell you what to do with your life?

It is not bad to be homosexual. I met a few people that are homosexual but they're still good! - Neonco31

This is from a religious viewpoint and a lot of people are not religious, so this is not fair. Love is the same no matter who you love.

Seriously? Religion is messed up, and plus, homosexuality is found in lots of animal species.

Sin is pointless, there is no right or wrong, God is a FAKE.

I don't give a bull if being gay is a sin, I see someone being picked on because they're gay, I stand up, no matter what gender they like.

Obviously most gay people don't really believe in religion & the ones that do know that God loves everyone & that most of the Old Testament is outdated. - djpenquin999

You know, Jesus never preached about homosexuality. If it really was a sin he would've.

The concept of what a "sin" is is basically lost in 2018. Only the extreme religious right say this. - NuMetalManiak