Opinionator Speaks: Left-Handedness

Discrimination has been a big topic around the world. It used to be very rampant in many societies, and it has now been considered a violation of human rights. People nowadays are against discrimination of race, gender, religion, ethnicity and other things. Our society has now been more open-minded and protective of the rights of a person that they promote things that are against discrimination and bullying, but society has always neglected left-handedness.

People would still continue discriminating left-handers in almost every little way, which has big effects on the latter. They would always use "It's not a big deal" as an excuse, while not noticing the fact that they instill "disabilities" upon a person just for using their left hand for doing things. Imagine having two hands and people are trying to dictate you which hand should be used over the other because they think it's "better for you" and that you should do it while not considering the fact that your two hands are designed the same having one hand as the mirror of the other. Isn't it supid and preachy? I'll tell you want a brief history of this.


Yes, the Ancient Greeks were responsible for making left-handers look like "demons", "a disgrace", and the Ancient Chinese did similarly. Even Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato were total dimwits. Why? They blame left-handedness on nurses and mothers who "did not teach them the proper way of doing things". Plato thinks using the left hand is something "improper" and Aristotle thinks that left-handedness is "foolish".

First of all, what is their definition of "proper" anyways? This is a list of possibilities of their definition of something "proper":

- "It is the right way of doing things."

Have you ever used a mirror? Because if you did, you'll realize that your left hand is a lot like a mirror version of your right hand. So if you try doing anything involving only one hand, like using a symmetrically-designed object such a coffee mug, when you drink coffee from the cup, you can use ANY hand in drinking, may it be left or right. Why? Because the mug is SYMETRICALLY designed. (Assume that the mug has no face/has a face on both sides)

So how is it "wrong" to use the left hand? How is it "right" to use the right hand? Oh yeah, it's because the word right is a homophone. It has two meanings: Right as in the side and Right as in the word "proper" or also known as the word I always get sick of hearing which I call "an empty or a preferrably nonexistent word". So just because the words are the homophones, does this mean that it's a better or the "right" way to do? No. Because both hands can be used to hold a cup without any problem! Allow me to laugh at your idiotic "reason". The words "right way to do" seems to mean more like "my more preferred way to do".

- "It's how everyone does it."

Since both hands can easily be used in handling stuff that don't require two-handed operation like holding a mug, or dropping coins for playing heads or tails (the very conventional way of playing heads/tails), then what would right-handers' excuse be? The words "everyone does it" is their catch phrase for that. Have you ever heard of the words "left-handedness" or "a difference in people's motor ability"? People have different hand and foot dominance. You can't change that just for conformity. Some right-handed people are afraid of left-handers beating them in sports or that other right-handers want uniformity in use of materials whether the materials are symmetrical, in need of two-handed operation or not.

Are you really wanting to risk stammering, bedwetting, dyslexia and other effects of forced conversion to right-handedness for the sake of this idiotic "uniformity"? Some communist pro-right-handedness propaganda would say that "Humans have cooperated for uniformity and agreed with using the right hand as a symbol of unity while left-handers are a hindrance to this unity". Is forcing left-handers to be right-handed the way to such "unity"? Because it would cause mental or physical problems between the affected left-handers. Why do you need to have such uniformity anyway?

- "It's the safe and efficient way of handling stuff."

Of course, this is the VERY reason why some (if not many) right-handed dimwits want their younger relatives, their students, and their workers to change their handedness. But why? Many of the things nowadays require two-handed operation, or that they are asymmetrical, which only favors the use of one hand over the other. Then why not make a left-handed counterpart of the machine? It's just simply creating a mirror reflection of the object by flipping the x-axis of the drawing plane! Creating a mirror version of the tool/machine defeats the reason of "using the right hand is the proper/efficient/safe way of doing it".

So why don't they make left-handed counterparts for scissors, paper cutters, clocks, rifles, computer mouse, keyboards and other things? Or at least a symmetrical version which is favorable for both left/right handers? Or convertible materials? Companies have been selfish that they never gave any concern for left-handers. They just neglect the difficulties of left-handers as if they're nonexistent and that they'd think of either "Who gives a damn about lefties?" or "Lefties can cope anyway". If you have concern for physically disabled people like nearsightedness or only having one leg, then why not give the same concern for lefties? They all have this common excuse of discrimination which is: "It's not a big deal."

Well, then. If people have been saying that left-handedness is not a big deal, then it's as bad as saying "discrimination is not a big deal" or "racism isn't a big deal". But no, people have been saying that left-handedness isn't something as serious as having one leg. The big problem of why left-handed discrimination is rampant is because of this idiotically brainwashed society. It's either they claim that (1) "lefties are just very few and they won't increase", (2) "lefties are satanists" or that (3) "conversion is easy". (4) Sometimes the problem has also been caused by lefties themselves. Let's put this into more detail:

(1) "Lefties just comprise 10% of our community, they won't increase or be much of concern."

Lefties are aware of the fact that lefties comprise 8~15% (or 10%, which is the widely acknowledged percentage) of the world's population. If people think that 10% of their population isn't much of a concern, then why do you fight for the rights of ethnic groups which comprise 8% of your population at most when applying that logic? Why do you fight for the rights of physically and mentally disabled people while simply neglecting the concerns of lefties as if they were nonexistent? The answer is simple. Our society has been dominated by dimwitted anti-left handed mentalities which discourage left-handedness and they can't admit that they have created the difficulty between lefties. Now they're denying the fact that they are now big concerns and they have also been considered as "disabilities" becaude they can't admit it's their fault.

Lefties won't just comprise 10% of our population if it weren't for the schools and close relatives forcing people who were originally lefties to convert to right-handedness mostly due to the abovementioned reasons. People have an almost equal preference of hands at first when they were still developing their handedness so this means that lefties could comprise 25-50% of the world's population, which would be something of concern. Left-Handedness would not be considered a "disability" and it would less likely be a subject of discrimination like today's situation.

(2) "Lefties are satanists/a spawn of Satan."

It seems like another idiot has created this moronic misconception. It's a lot like the "Rock and Metal is the Devil's Music" rumor. First of all, WHERE did you get this? Did this come from the Bible? The Bible just had many positive connotations about the right and that it had negative connotations about the left. Yes, I know that the sheep were brought to the right side and that the goats were on the left. Despite this negative connotation about the left side, this does not give ANY actual proof that the Bible is against left-handedness or that Satan is left-handed. The Bible even [vaguely] mentioned there was a Jewish hero who was left-handed and he defended the people of Israel. We all know that God favors Israel and this proof by counterexample, despite the vague mention, just disproves the theory of Left-Handedness being something satanic or that the Bible disapproves of it.

(3) "It's easy to convert to right-handedness"

Have you read what I have mentioned above? Conversion to right-handedness, whether it's forced or not, has resulted into many negative effects like stammering, bed-wetting, dyslexia, lack of confidence. It's because of overloading one side of the brain and unloading the other. It's not easy, and it's also very dangerous and risky since it would cause mental problems.

(4) "Some of these problems had been caused by lefties themselves."

I've had a lot to blame on right-handed people and the dominantly right-handed society, and I don't think I'll be able to finish that in this post. Some left-handed people are to blame for such discrimination. Why? It's mostly because of certain lefties saying that "it's not a big deal". With such logic, you are actually ALLOWING yourself to be discriminated and that such DISCRIMINATION "is not a big deal". How idiotic. You can fight for your rights! You have to be assertive enough towards the authority regarding your left-handed concerns. It's not something whiny or asking too much. It's simply your right to be left-handed.

You don't just "cope with the right-handed environment". You should retain your right to be treated equally just like how people who are right-handed are treated. You may be living in a world designed for right-handed people, but you can still voice out your concerns! If you don't become vocal towards such, then you are just simply killing the chances of lefties having equal equipment privileges as the others. Merely coping with your environment can also cause some health concerns like back problems.

Now, I hope you have been convinced that discrimination of left-handers isn't just something that should just be taken for granted. It IS a big deal, and despite the actions that society has done to outlaw discrimination and to improve our lives, this aspect of a person has always been neglected. I hope now you have been more aware of this issue and take some time to give considerations to other left-handers here. If you still want more information, you can either ask me on the comments or read my upcoming post entitled "Back in Time: Left-Handedness" which would answer other concerns.


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