Top Ten Worst Things About Being the Middle Child

I myself am the middle child of 5 kids. It can get tough, but we need to hang in there. Maybe others can relate to this list.
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1 The lack of attention from your parents

Attention goes to the youngest because they're the baby, the last child your parents are going to have. Attention goes to the oldest because they will be starting their own life soon and were the first child your parents had. And you? You're just in your room eating chips and binge watching The Walking Dead for the past ten days. And you're parents? Maybe having dinner with the rest of the family.

Yes it really does being the middle child is actually one of the worst my mum keeps telling me that she loves all three of us the same and she has no favourites but I can so tell that she is lying to me I know she loves my older sister more. And ever since she has left for university the lack of attention I get from her is quite low and the only things we talk about is how my day was at school what I've been learning so and so on.but I love my older sister to bits she is such an amazing person and always a great laugh

It stinks. The oldest kid gets to do whatever they want and the youngest gets treated like a princess

I get the most attention from my father but the least attention from my mom and mom is everything

2 You can never win a sibling fight

According to your parents, you always have to obey the eldest and be super nice to the youngest, without any regard for whether or not you’re making the most rational argument. The eldest sibling may be overly bossy, and the youngest may be overly spoiled, but at the end of the day, you still have to consider it a lost fight because the sibling with the parents on their side is automatically the winner. In case you haven’t noticed, your parents are never on your team.

I always win a sibling fight. That's not exaggerating because I don't have siblings. I don't win every family fight though but I know one thing. I want a brother or sister.

Actually, I disagree. Being the oldest, I still lose every sibling fight against my middle sister.

I'm the Middle child and the first one always attacks me and the third one

3 Hand-me-downs

True! I'm a middle with a big sibling and a little sibling so I have 2 other siblings. My mum gives my big sister NEW IPHONE but I only get the outdated hand-me-down iphone and I can't get most apps because my new hand-me-down iphone is outdated and no longer supported by apple. But I'm still grateful for it because some kids can't afford or have an iPhone at all. (I can play tiny tower and browse internet but not watch youtube) and since I get the hand me downs AND side me and my sister are girls I get all her clothes and stuff and so my little brother is the only boy so he gets new everything. But I have lots of little cousins (I'm 3rd oldest cousin out of 9 cousins on my mums side) I send my hand me downs to them.

Middle child life.

Wether it's clothes, toys, or devices, you're going to get stuck with hand-me-downs from your older sibling. Then after you receive it, it breaks or tears, and what does the younger sibling get? A new version of that thing. Then the cycle repeats.

My big sister gets BRAND NEW iPhones then I get the outdated and slow hand-me-downs. And then my little brother gets BRAND NEW phones too because I get all the hand-me-downs. I wish I got a new phone that WASN'T outdated.

Well, hand me downs don't have to be the middle child. I am the youngest of two, my mom never buys me ANYTHING new.

4 Constantly sharing a room

I've never shared a bedroom, but as a baby I was put in the smallest of three bedrooms, for reasons known only to my parents, and then my little brother got the second largest. Until the age of 11, I had to deal with a room with a small bed, small desk, and small wardrobe, before we got a loft extension, creating an additional, larger bedroom. Which was just as well because by then I was so tall, I simply couldn't fit in my own bed. Man, parents can be so inconsiderate.

When you were young you shared a room with your older sibling. Then your older sibling started complaining that they needed their own personal space. So what happens next? You're moved into your younger sibling's room. Such fun...

I have to share a room w my bro and he's alright

5 Being the scapegoat

It's not all plain sailing being the oldest, though I admit, the oldest of 2. My brother would get away with most, if not all conflicts, because my parents took his side. They always give him the benefit of the doubt, because they imagine I'm automatically more understanding and responsible. The sad truth is, my brother's 16 now, and still very immature. Not much has changed.

When something wrong happens, and it's one of your siblings' fault, they usually point the finger at you to avoid the grounding. And who do your parents believe when you try to tell them the truth? Yeah, I thought so... Don't worry friend, I relate too.

Happens to me a lot in every problem

Whenever my brother fights with me, my parents always so I'm 'provoking' him and I should go somewhere else. They also claim to be non-violent, and THEY GAVE MY BROTHER A WOODEN STICK TO HIT ME WITH. Wut.

6 Picking sides during fights

When I was little my big sister and little brother argued a lot but I was smart enough to know that taking sides is bad. I just take the side of the adults and say "guys don't fight" so then I get rewarded for doing nothing and then the adults say I'm "being peaceful and kind". HAHA. :D

And then your parents have the audacity to get you in trouble for the whole thing

So what happens when your siblings go into war with each other? They want allies. They will pull you by the arms, telling you why the other is a stupid head and how they're the one that's right. You could care less, but you still choose sides at the end for some odd reason.

I agree the most

7 Deficiency of kudos

You: Mom, dad, I received this award!
Parents: oh that's nice honey.
Younger sibling: *builds messy mud cake*
Mom: Harold, get the camera! This is the best thing that's happened today!
You: *looks into the camera like in the office*ಠ_ಠ

8 You get punished more than your siblings

The oldest gets punished for less because she has "more freedoms" and the youngest is like the angel baby. as a middle child, I'm not to my parents "old enough" for freedoms, or young enough to be treated like a child. I find this unfair because me and my sisters are all 2 years apart. (me being 13) I don't know. this just reeaally bugs me

This is so true if I so one bad thing like date a boy my dad would hate me and kill me by grounding me and my brother that is one year older than me and he is twelve and was dating my dad just was messing around with him but that is so unfair

Sometimes they do more bad stuff then the others so...

This also applies to oldest siblings

9 Teachers comparing you to your older sibling

Recently I've moved to my older sisters school from my old school and the amount of times someone calls me by sisters name is ridiculous I feel like no one really cares about me but about he fact I have an amazing older sister I constantly feel like I'm living in her shadow and I can't be my own person. All the teachers at my new school expect me to be just as amazing and smart and do just a as great as my sister but I really can't there is so much pressure on me that at times I feel like a complete and utter failure compared to her and I'm always referred to as Mariyas (my older sister) younger sister.

Though this applies more to the youngest child, it goes for the middle child too. Research has actually shown that the oldest kid in the family tends to be more academically applied than the others. This meaning that you have a lot to do to meet your older sibling's level of excellence in the class. Either that or prove that you're not the troublemaker/slacker that your sibling was if they didn't care much for school.

I would actually have liked to have had an older sibling. I could have learned from his or her mistakes, particularly in academic sense. With that said, my little brother accepts absolutely no advice from me. His loss.

I'm in a family of four, but I will end up relating to this, middle child or not. I bet all my sisters teachers will compare me with her, especially if I get the one she hates, which I love

10 The peace bringer

Siblings get into a lot of fights. And sometimes picking sides won't help at all, so the best option is to try and resolve the problem, because you know, it's the middle of the night and you want to sleep! Though this may seem more like a con, it does help because it'll lead you to learn to resolve conflict between people. But still, it gets annoying after 50th time that night.

Yep. When my big sister and little brother used to fight I just tried to break it up or stay silent. Ha ha. Imi made a Smart move because then all the adults said I was being peaceful and mature. So NEVER step into a sibling fight or just tell them to stop. If they insult you the adult will tell them off and say you were only trying to be nice.

I'm the oldest child in my family and I've learnt that when two people fight, NEVER get into it.

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11 You have to do more work than your siblings

This is so true


This is so true I have to do all the work but when my brother just play games and I am cleaning my room my parents tell me to do something while I am busy but than I say what about my brother and my Dad said that they are busy playing games and my sister is hust sleeping

12 Parents think you're the black sheep
13 You get treated like dirt

True I am treated Like Dog poop I Get things for Mom When its Literally 7 Feet away God. She Records Me singing

All the friking time

That’s is super true

No wonder why I'm a devil worshipper and listen to black metal and death metal. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY DEATH!

14 Your parents have higher expectations for you

For the most part they didn't have higher expectations more like unrealistic. Yeah I was great in sports but I HATED school. I knew from a very young age I had no desire to go to college. I mean really I skipped a ton of classes in middle school alone. High School well... I remember where the building was located.

15 Middle child = middle seat

The little one will be singing My Little Pony songs/ playing loudly with Power Rangers. The older one will be texting/ listening to heavy metal music. Middle child? In between the two.

Whenever we're going somewhere and my little brother gets to the side seat first my parents don't make him move but when I sit there and my brother wants to sit there they make me sit in the middle

The oldest can't sit in the middle because their legs are too long, and the baby seat for the youngest won't fit there. Hooray for cramped car journeys...

I hate the middle seat. And I always am forced to sit there because my figure is so small. My younger and older siblings are both taller than me.

16 Your siblings stand together against you

Yes it's always me my older brother and younger brother both make me feel awful saying stuff like your fat your ugly go dye I hate you. I wish they would stop

17 Being "too young" or "too old" for what your siblings do

Too old to do what normal teens do. to just work around the house with no fun. and too young to decide where to go have fun and go out to eat

18 Attention is low

So true it always happens to me

19 No one notices when you do something good

Say when I like do the dishes or clean my older and younger siblings mess they don’t notice and even when I tell them they don’t really care but when it’s my older or younger siblings that clean up my mess they care what more and sometimes even gets mad at me for leaving my stuff for them to clean.

20 When parents love the older child because they were there first child and adore the younger one because they are the baby in the family then you are in the middle

Welcome to my world.

21 Being left out

Yes so true I have an older sister who is 5 years older than me and a younger sister who is 5 years younger than me. Me and my younger sister don't really get on really well and me and my older sister don't really either so I really have no one to talk to and my older sister and my younger sister get on really well and most of the time do things without me so most of time I am just by myself and doing my own and then my mum keeps telling me off for not spending time with them like what they are the ones leaving me out

Yeah it happens to me so my girl cousin and my brother were fooling around on the top bunk and they told me to go to the bottom bunk. They would do things without like I don't matter.

My older brother is 14, and my younger brother is 7 and they always leave me out and then my parents get mad because I am not spending "quality sibling time with them"

22 When someone compares you to your older sibling "You should be more like him/her" or "Your brother/sister is such a great role model"
23 Always getting yelled at for being mean to your younger sibling even if it's the smallest thing
24 Never getting "Hi" or "Hello" from relatives

Honestly this is so true when our family goes to family parties have my relatives are like "who the heck are you" or they like " your so and so's younger sister how is she you are so luck to have her as a older sister" and they literally never ask me how I am and tend to just ask me about my older sister. I hate family gatherings

When me and my family is always out and a family-friend crosses paths with us, first is parents, next is older sibling, next is younger sibling. You forgot someone. Hint hint me.

25 Never getting seconds because there is enough for everyone but you
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