Worst Things About Being a Parent


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1 Having to take care of your kids all the time

From watching my parents sacrifice everything for me and my siblings. I feel like a brat to them. - Catacorn

Yes, it's hard. Thank goodness I'm not a parent - Music101

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2 The constant fear of losing your kids

This must be horrible. If I was a parent I would definitely not think about it too much. - Martinglez

3 Having to deal with kids misbehaving

Some are so annoying, and I feel VERY sorry for people who have to experience this. - Powerfulgirl10

I hate kids like this. Bust their ass already.

And grounding your child.

Not satisfied with their misbehaving at al. - ArigatoKawaii

4 Not being able to relax, due to constantly working

That's one thing that I hate. We need to at least take a break. - Powerfulgirl10

5 The complications of school
6 Boyfriends/girlfriends

I'd be constantly worried if my son /daughter was happy and being treated properly. Even at my age, my parents worry about this, - Britgirl

7 Temper tantrums
8 Kids breaking and ruining almost everything
9 You have to play with them 24/7
10 You have to do what they like

Nope. Not the case for me. It's actually the other way around most of the time. - NikBrusk

It's the other way around for some kids. Including me. - 906389

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11 When they become a teen, their attitude gets bigger

This is true. Its happening to you too. - Music_Lover123

12 They bring your salary down
13 Trying to reason with them when they're young
14 Financial burden
15 Trying to cope with their disorder if they have one
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1. Having to take care of your kids all the time
2. The constant fear of losing your kids
3. Having to deal with kids misbehaving



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