Worst Things About Being a Parent


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1 Having to take care of your kids all the time

From watching my parents sacrifice everything for me and my siblings. I feel like a brat to them. - Catacorn

What parent voted for this? The whole point of being a parent is taking care of your kids. - iMiscellaneous

Yes, it's hard. Thank goodness I'm not a parent - Music101

Not a parent... - mayamanga

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2 Having to deal with kids misbehaving

Some are so annoying, and I feel VERY sorry for people who have to experience this. - Powerfulgirl10

And grounding your child.

I hate kids like this. Bust their ass already.

Just watch Supernanny lol - railfan99

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3 The constant fear of losing your kids

This must be horrible. If I was a parent I would definitely not think about it too much. - Martinglez

4 The complications of school
5 Not being able to relax, due to constantly working

That's one thing that I hate. We need to at least take a break. - Powerfulgirl10

6 Financial burden

One of the reasons I don't want kids. call me greedy, but you'd have to spend a LOT of money on them. I'm still a kid and I kind of want my own job (my age is on profile) so they won't have to spend money on me. - PhoenixAura81

7 Boyfriends/girlfriends

I'd be constantly worried if my son /daughter was happy and being treated properly. Even at my age, my parents worry about this, - Britgirl

8 Temper tantrums
9 Kids breaking and ruining almost everything
10 You have to do what they like

It's the other way around for some kids. Including me. - 906389

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11 Trying to reason with them when they're young

Yeah, I probably couldn't be a parent (outside of adoption) for this reason. - Sop

12 You have to play with them 24/7
13 Trying to cope with their disorder if they have one
14 When they become a teen, their attitude gets bigger
15 They bring your salary down
16 You have to buy everything for your kid
17 They seem to never get enough
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1. Financial burden
2. Having to take care of your kids all the time
3. Having to deal with kids misbehaving
1. Having to take care of your kids all the time
2. The constant fear of losing your kids
3. Having to deal with kids misbehaving


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