Top Ten Best and Worst Things About Being Shy

Shyness can be debilitating but sometimes it can be used to our advantage. That's why this list isn't titled " Top Ten Worst..." Anyone who is shy or knows someone who is will relate.

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1 We can't easily accept compliments

It's not the just the blush-factor of this but the suspicion that we are secretly being mocked. We feel we don't deserve compliments. - Britgirl

My friend braided my hair today. Usually I have stereotipical emo hair so lots ofpeople complimented me. It went like this
Person: "Hey, your hair looks really good"
Me: *blushes*
Me: "Shut up" - AnonymousChick

2 People think we're aloof, cold people

Not true. A lot of shy people have actually very bubbly warm personalities; but you have to get through our shyness first. And that's not easy. - Britgirl

What a coincidence,I was also making a shy list today... - DapperPickle

Oh, Lord. Does this mean not bathing? Mindlessly repeating "far out, man? " Scarfing hummus and organic macaroons? Matching headbands (Union Jack and Old Glory on alternating days)? Tell you what, though. Two things I desitively posilutely WILL NOT do: smoke the wacky tabaccy, or wear sandals. Ever.

Crud. Spelled the man's name wrong. And they always said it'd be the legs that went first.:(

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3 We blush at almost everything

If anyone smiles at shy people, they immediately turn a rather cute shade of English post- box red. Some find it endearing, others find it annoying. - Britgirl

I do. I HATE it.

Actually, one got through on your previous list, a kind of "testing, 1-2-3" thing.

Well, V...your newer ones are getting through, what about on other users' lists? Are they getting through? - Britgirl

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4 It's hard to make new friends

Even with other shy people! Actually, it's even worse. As a shy woman, I'd rather be surrounded by people who know how to help me bring me out of myself. - Britgirl

Am not that shy I just don't jump in chats because I don't know what say back plus when I was little boys tease me by saying I like them. - watchandgame101

Yeah, it's hard for me. - Arcxia

I am not shy at all with my friends and relatives, but I find it tough to find a new friend, unless it's in TTT. - Martinglez

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5 Shyness with people enables us to express ourselves in other ways

Usually with writing, creating flamboyant, outgoing characters and fascinating scenarios. Drama and acting helps too. It lets us be someone other than ourselves. It's easier to play the part of an extrovert than it is to be ourselves. Go figure. - Britgirl

Had to suppress the urge to downvote that comment, Beege. Some of us like you just the way you be treacherous terrain 'n'all

6 Shyness can make us too talkative and act silly

Shy people will sometimes go completely the opposite to type. Don't let silly behaviour and a lot of talking fool you. It's just nerves. - Britgirl

7 It stops us from trying new experiences

The fear of failure or being laughed at is a killer for any shy person. It's not that we don't want to venture further, we just...can't! Even though our minds are fiercely independent. - Britgirl

8 Shyness causes negative emotions

Jealousy is a major factor. The fact that we see other people going out, talking freely and doing things that we wish we had the nerve to do. - Britgirl

9 Shy people feel alone

Not to be confused with "lonely" Shy people feel that no one else is as shy as they are and feel that there must be something wrong with them. - Britgirl

True, loneliness can cause sadness. - Arcxia

10 Some people find shyness in people endearing

It's quite a nice feeling knowing that some people feel the want and need to take care of you. They feel protective of you. - Britgirl

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11 You never get to live life

I'm a shy girl in my class. I have social anxiety and every time I just want to say something, I want to be myself, but I'm afraid people will judge me

12 We appear trustworthy
13 People think we never speak
14 Always left out of things
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1. It's hard to make new friends
2. Shyness causes negative emotions
3. Shyness can make us too talkative and act silly
1. People think we're aloof, cold people
2. We blush at almost everything
3. We can't easily accept compliments


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