Top Ten Worst Things About Being Sick

Being sick? Ain’t nobody got time for that! The common cold, the flu, food poisoning, and all the other interesting things that get thrown our way, caused by cold and flu season, winter, poor hygiene, poor food handling practices, and our extra small world makes the sick go around, and there’s not much you can do to stop it. Getting sick is inevitable, it seems. Even the most cautious person can get the stray sneeze at a restaurant, or the pen that sickie used last at the bank. It’s almost enough to make one a hermit. Matter of fact, if this list doesn't seem very good, it's because I'm writing it sick!

The Top Ten

1 Feeling Crappy

Yeah, I agree. Nobody wants to catch the cold/flu, throw up, have high fevers, etc. - Stazemar000

True that was me today it sucked

I feel like we should get this out of the way right away. No one likes to feel bad, that’s it. We spend our entire lives trying to avoid pain and discomfort, it’s in our nature. No one wants a stuffy nose, or a cough, or diarrhea, or a headache, and no one ever wants to throw up. It sucks to feel crappy!

2 Missing Appointments

This is one of the harder parts about being sick, in my opinion. I already feel like crap, I’m not myself, but I really, really need to go to the gym so I don’t lose my training sessions, or my lip waxing appointment so I can get done before Christmas photos, or whatever. But, there’s the fix that a lot of people get put in, lose my appointment slot, have to reschedule, or lose my money altogether, or just go to my appointment, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I think most people take the former action, and then your lip waxer, or your trainer, or your therapist gets sick, and then they either miss out on work, and have to reschedule all of their people, or risk getting each and every one of their clients sick. It’s a tough decision to make, especially depending on the appointment, but people, please just cancel!

3 Having to Work While You’re Sick

Same when you go to school when your sick, and you can't find a way to go home sick

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4 Being Gross
5 Being So Sick That You Can’t [Blank]
6 Missing Work
7 Having to Just Wait Through it
8 Not Being Able to Sleep
9 Friendly Sick Advice
10 Going to the Doctor

Yeah waiting in the waiting room is so boring and long

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11 The Pain

The pain's really like you're dying, that's why I not friend with disease, I really hate it, but normally we all have to be part of that, my body's in pain right now 😭. I don't do no medicine, someone tell me what to do, I have I really bad cold.

12 Stuffy Noses

What's worse is runny noses - Gruunge

13 You Can Die

You can't die of a cold, but most diseases can cause death. - imacg4

14 Nobody Believes You
15 Having to Take Uncomfortable Medicine
16 Missing School

This is the best part

Not when you have to go back to school and finish missing assignments but

Not going to school is nice - Gruunge

17 Vomiting

Whenever I vomit, my nose goes runny. - Stazemar000

Especially if it gets in your nose.

18 Cold Chills
19 When You Have a Sore Throat, but You Aren't Sick Enough to Stay Home from School
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